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Tow Cloud 9 2007Scooter

Ghost Riders Aerial Adventure 2007

Hang Gliding Cloud 9 Michigan 2007

Hang Gliding Cliff Launch West Cameron, NY - 2007

Hang Gliding Beginings 1968 to 1975

Hang Gliding Western Thrills 1979

Hang Gliding 1979 British Columbia, Canada

Song and Dance at Wallaby Ranch - Florida, USA

Hang Gliding Spectacular Wild Flying

Finger Lakes National Fly-In 2004

Triking Finger Lakes 2004

Winging Through The Clouds at Wallaby Ranch - Florida - 2003

Bob Lane Aerobatics at Quest Air Flight Park - Florida - 2003

Quest Air - Hang Gliding Cloud Flying 30 seconds

Hang Gliding Parachute Deployment At Wallaby Ranch

Aerobatic Hang Gliding Wiener Dog - King Mt. Idaho

Flying Beside the Tug Near Rochester New York

Amazing Maze Maze Long Acre Farms New York

Spinning Corn Maze Long Acre Farms New York

Reserve Parachute Repack by Betty Pfifer



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