Hang gliding is our passion and we have entertained many other sports including paragliding, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing, triking, motorized hang gliding, kite skiing, snow boarding, r/c model aircraft, r/c helicopters, inuksuit construction, flying and we have a large section of dachshund photos and stories. We support and link to the OZ Report by Davis Straub and (SKYDOG) Bob Grant has been a United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding (USHGA) (USHGPG) member since 1972 and offer hang gliding instruction and tandem rides. We fly Wills Wing Hang Gliders and support many hang gliding manufacturers including Moyes USA, Flytec USA, High Energy, Rotor, Gibbo Gear, Air Creation, Northwing, Air Atos, High Adventure, Morningside flight park, Falcon, Sport, U-2, Talon and Flight Wing. Francis Rogallo invented the hang glider and we are happy to expand on his efforts. We have a large selection of sports photos, videos, books and stories for your entertainment. We also offer kayak instruction and trips and the University of Western Ontario students join us often. We have many links to all sports and weather updates. We also have many free videos online. Information from SKYDOG Bob Grant, London, Ontario, Canada.

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