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Fantastic Flying Stories From

The Hearts Of Those Who Live The Dream

"Hang Gliding Spectacular"

Great Flying Stories By Great Pilots

Edited By Jim (Sky Dog) Palmieri; Bob (Sky Dog) Grant; Maggie Palmieri

 Illustrated By: Jules Makk

"Hang Gliding Spectacular"

Also Contains a  C/D  Loaded with

Photos - Videos & Illustrations

We Feel that this is the most FANTASTIC Hang Gliding book ever

to hit the market !

After reading the many exciting stories contained in "Hang Gliding Spectacular" I am totally stoked and 

The C/D Will be Amazing, hope you will give it a try.  Simply Unbelievable !!

                                       Bob Grant


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Joe Schofield (Editor Of SkyWings UK Magazine)


Hang gliding spectacular
In 1996 US hang glider pilot Jim Palmieri produced the original Sky
Adventures collection of writing. Now Jimıs back, in company with partner
Maggie and Bob Grant, as joint editor of another huge ( 260-page) anthology
of free flight stories. Subtitled Fantastic flying stories - from the hearts
of those who live the dream, Hang gliding spectacular contains 70-odd tales
from around the world on what this magical game of ours is all about.

Loosely headed under engaging themes such as Outrunning the dogcatcher and
Old dogs, new tricks, the mostly American authors (there are two from the
UK) cover every aspect of flying, and every possible emotion. Many of the
contributions are from regular pilots with no great claim to fame except
their love of hang gliding and their desire to write it down; others are
from known US names like Larry Fleming, Tiky Mashy, Mark Vaughn and (of
course) Davis Straub. All of them will echo some experience of your own, and
all have the end result of making you want to just get up there again.

Itıs not a book youıll want to read right through from end to end in a
linear fashion; more something to keep by your bedside or in your car and
dip into when you need another hit. Itıs difficult to pick favourites, but
one or two of these accounts, like Larry Flemingıs Cloud racing, a tale of
pushing just a little too hard in the Owens, and Doug Johnsonıs The day the
Spud Club was formed, about the taking of the Chelan Butte distance record,
are examples of all that is fine about the all-on-your-ownsome endeavour
that is XC flying.

Thereıs an outline of each of the contributors at the back of the book, and
thereıs a free CD included of pictures and video clips. A portion of the
profits from sales go to fund an XC Competition in memory of Michael
Champlin, who died flying in 1999.

Full marks to Sky Dog Publications for producing this snapshot of life in
the sky. In 100 years (see above) this stuff will seem like we made it all
up, and none of us will be here to say it wasn't all a dream. JS

Joe Schofield
Hang Gliding Spectacular, ISBN 0 9715642 0 5, is published by Sky Dog
Publications at $24.95. Contact them at 6511 Deepwoods Drive, Roanoke VA
24018 7645, USA, e-mail: skydog@rev.net, website: www.skydog.net. Dealer
enquiries are welcome.


Review by Peter Birren

Hang Gliding Spectacular - Fantastic Flying Stories from the Hearts of Those Who Live the Dream Just as the title says, this is a book about flying stories, but it's more than that. Jim and Maggie Palmieri teamed up with Bob Grant to produce an awesome book - brimming of tales of bravado, striking views, interaction with nature, "there I was" true-life experiences - and added a CD chock full of photos from the contributors themselves. The book is over 250 pages long containing some 70 stories by 61 pilot-authors from around the world, and the CD has nearly 450 photographs neatly arranged in a slide show for on your computer. Now you can put a face/glider/site to the author/story/details. Fly along with Mark Poustincian as he breaks the Florida XC Record. Read how Davis Straub thinks when he goes long. Feel the tension as Rick Agudelo, a Hang 2 pilot, learns to fly an aerotug then tows with it at a competition. +++ FIRST DRAFT +++ Join several pilots who experience nature at its finest in meetings with the masters of the sky, the hawks (there is a whole section on this most remarkable occurance). Hang Gliding Spectacular is named for the world-famous annual gathering at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and it is dedicated to the memory of Michael "Hollywood" Champlin, written by Tiki Mashy who also recounts some of her favorite flights. All contributors, from new students to old veterans, were asked to write about their most memorable flights and their stories have already captured the interest of many who aren't even in the sport. These aren't merely "there I was" -type campfilre items; they're emotion-filled re-living of the events that sometimes changed the individual. The book is small enough for packing in your harness for a long XC retrieve wait. It's big enough to provide many hours of bathroom or coffee table reading. It's perfect for helping promote the sport and ideal as an appropriate and inexpensive gift for your friends, relatives, boss, driver, flying buddies or landowners. Give them a glimpse of what we experience regularly. Full-color front cover photography is by Mark Vaughn, professional photographer and pilot, and the back cover is  a painting of Jim Palmieri by Marc Laferriere, Canadian artist and pilot. Inside are 20 cartoons/illustrations by Jules Makk which separate the various sections, followed by a brief note about each of the authors. 

Peter Birren


 HG Spectacular - great book by

John Wiseman

When I got home last night, the package was there on the kitchen
table.  My contributor's copy of Hang Gliding Spectacular had
arrived.  From that point on, making dinner and helping the kids with
their homework both got put on the backburner.  I think I read 5 or 6
stories with the book in one hand and the spaghetti pot stirred by
the other.  I took it to bed with me and ended up finishing about 1/2
of the book.  Not bad considering it's 247 pages long, not including
the biographies.  And hey, I would have finished the entire book, but
I took time out to look at the photos and the wonderful video that
are on the enclosed CD.

Very nice job, Jim, Maggie, and Bob.  The package is great, and the
stories are even better.  Reading all the different stories and
seeing the photos really makes me want to get out there and see more
of the world of HG flying, and to meet some of the folks that have
shared their stories.  Now if I could only get some time away from
this job.

Thanks again for including my little story in your book - it's great
to be a part (however small) of such a neat scene...



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