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  Hi, I'm Bob Grant and I live in London, Ontario, Canada and have been Hang Gliding since 1972.  I gained interest in the sport while being a member of a water ski club which owned Flat kites.  They were towed behind a boat with a 120 ft. towline and  were only controllable to the left and right . The speed of the boat determined the height at which the kite flew and we were usually towed at about 50 ft. above the water scooting back and forth across the boat wake . The harness used enabled the pilot to swivel around the control bar, in front or behind and do many tricks which were scored at competitions around the world .

  In 1972 Bill Moyes came to our local Western Fair and did many flying demonstrations, being towed by a car on his 14 ft. leading edge, 150 sq. ft. delta style glider. That baby had only a 3 to 1 glide angle but we were all very impressed and soon after Tom McClatchie, one of the Ski Serpent members bought a new Moyes glider and after I tried it, I fell in love with the sport and also bought my first Moyes glider.

  In the past 39 years gliders and the challenges of hang gliding have certainly changed but the Wonderful feeling of free flight will always be in my heart.

  In 1978 Maureen and I were married, bringing together two very sports active individuals. Maureen had been shooting 35 mm still shots for many years before we met and continues to capture a wide variety of photos. I am the video buff and as we travel together we  manage to get our fare share of great shots and we hope that what we present to you here is entertaining.

                                                                                               Bob Grant

Just found these photos and was looking for a place to save them so here they are.

Bob Grant 1949

My Mom - Marion Cumming 1931


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