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New Aerotow Release


Steve Younger

Steve has been a tug pilot for over twenty years now and a hang glider pilot for thirty five years and saw the need for the perfect release for aerotowing and other forms of towing hang gliders and has designed the SteevRelease. Below are close up photos of the new SteevRelease.


SteevRelease Complete


SteevRelease End Close-Up - Notice the Tapered Pin For Fast Action


SteevRelease Handle


SteevRelease End


Steve Younger

The SteevRelease was designed to be an integral part of a three point Aero tow bridle and was not designed to be used in a two point (Pro Tow) or as a single point tow release.


The mounting and location of this release should be determined by your glider manufacturer or there representative.  The SteevRelease is designed to be easily attached to or removed from your glider for ease of storage and to prevent accidental damage during transport.

The body of your SteevRelease is simply clipped to the loop of line anchored and located at the factory recommended location on the keel of your glider.

Release End


The cable of your SteevRelease is routed back along the keel and down the down tubes anchoring to the down tubes using the supplied Velcro straps

It is important at this point to insure that your harness straps are not going to interfere with the cable or its operation.  It may be necessary to route the cable around the outside of the control frame.


The activation handle is mounted to the base tube using the supplied Velcro straps and then anchored by the tether to the corner bracket of your control frame.

Your SteevRelease should be clean and dry at all times and should be inspected for signs of wear or damage before each use.



When inserting the weak link insure that the link is properly sitting on the pin and that the pin is fully extended.

Finally make sure that the release and cables are unobstructed in any position possible during tow and that there is no tension on the activation cable at any time.



The SteeveRelease should offer you many years of problem free towing.  However due to the infinite number of glider configurations possible  installations and routings SteevRelease, any employees or representative can not be held responsible for a poorly installed or maintained system.



Questions concerning the SteeveRelease - E-mail Steve Younger at - catstevan@yahoo.ca


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