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2008 Heli Flying in London Canada

Bob Grant Sr., and Jeff Elington Line Up Their Helis for a Day of Fun


B-Rex and Trex 450


Bob's Second Fiberglas Canopy and New Stainless Landing Struts


Hovering at the Community Center - London, Canada


Blue Sky Day


Hovering at London Model Aircraft Club Field - Canada


Here is my B-Rex with my First Fiberglas Canopy and Stainless Struts


Stainless Spring Landing Struts


Trex 500 Flying Above the London, Canada BX 93 Balloon


Bob and His B-Rex at Westminster Public School

Hopped Up B-Rex


B-rex Fly-by


Jeff Puts on a Great Show for us


Hoped Up Blade 400 3/D




Bob's Trex 500


Bob's Blade 400 Original Canopy


Bob's Trex 500


Landing Hoped Up Blade 400 3/D


Bob's Trex 500


Bob's Blade 400 With a Hawk


 Hoped Up Blade 400 3/D


The Line-up at Westminster Public School - July 2008


Bob's Trex 500


Bob's Blade 400


 Hoped Up Blade 400 3/D


Bob's Trex 500


Bob's Trex 500 Landing


Bob's Blade 400


Bob's Blade 400


Bob's Blade 400 Landing


Bob's Blade 400 With His Hobby Box Made in 1965 Notice Midwest Models Logo


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Bob's Blade CP with the 2100 LiPo Battery


Eric Walne's Blade CP


A Special Effect Photo of Eric Flying His Blade CP


The Blade CP Wound Up and Ready to Go


First Outdoor Test Flights For Bob's Blade CP - April 2006


The Launch Pad



Wow, This Is Fun !!!


Jeff Ellington's Close-up Modification Photos


Main Gear


Rotor Head

Tail Conversion


Learning to Fly

Eric's New Blade CP Helicopter


Cam Schiedel Flying His Blade CP in the Gym



Helicopter Night with Jeff Ellington Helping Other Pilots with Adjustments

Jeff Making Some Adjustments

Tommy Shields - Walkera Dragonfly



Jeff Puts His Blade CP Up Near the Rafters


Eric Walne Getting High with His Blade CP

Eric with His Body Moulding


Jeff Cruising Around

Jeff Getting in Close


Eric, Tommy Jeff and Bob Shoots Video

Eric Having Some Fun


Jeff Keeps Near the Rafters and Lights



Copter Talk

By Jeff Ellington - London, Canada

I am still somewhat rusty in the flying department, I never flew 3D
manoeuvres with the old Hirobo chopper I had (it wasn't capable of inverted)
and my friend would not let me attempt it with his Raptor 30 that we have
been flying in the mean time. Hovering of all types is not a problem,
forward and reverse flight is no problem, some patterns still give me
trouble and inverted has cost me many rotor blades. Good thing blade parts
are cheap. An instructor told me long ago, "If you are not crashing, you are
not progressing". Crashing sadly is more common with rotary wings than fixed
ones. Hey I don't mind, it gives me the opportunity to upgrade and trick out
my bird even more.

Lately I have been brushing up on my spot landings, (land on small surfaces
let main rotors come to a stop then spool them up again and lift off).
Pirouettes are no problem (rapid spinning of the airframe in circles while
holding a steady hover). The latest thing I am up to is hovering back flips.
I completed about 8 or so and crashed 3 times only 1 crash required a new
rotor blade. I should really be concentrating on nose in flying (flying with
the nose facing you) but I had to try the back flips as I had a fellow flyer
egging me on.  The last flip I did resulted in the bird almost getting
completely destroyed. That is when I met you guys while I was picking up
parts at AVF Hobbies

Also, I met another heli guy this week who was having blade tuning problems at Amazing Hobbies.
Peter (the shop owner) called me and I told him I had to see him anyway due
to my crash.
It turns out that he (the guy who needed help) is interested in starting up a heli rc
group as well --- Now here's the kicker --- This guy actually has a
commercial helicopter pilot license, the real deal. He showed me his wings
and license. It is very telling to me that he can fly the real thing, but
has trouble flying a Blade around. Man I should go get my heli license! I
just checked, the wife said no way!!!

Newsflash - The Blade is up a running again good as ever! Flew around my
fenced in patio this morning and it seems to fly just right again (I had
only enough juice to fly for 3 minutes or so).



Compare Choppers By Cam Schiedel - London, Canada

Another thing I like about the Blade is that all of the local Hobby Shops carry parts for them, and they are quite inexpensive.  I found that I always had to order parts for my old GWS Dragonfly, and it often took 3 weeks before I could fly it again.  I've flown a $1500 Trex electric heli, and  $1200 Eco8 and, I actually like the Blade best.  There are now quite a few upgrade parts available for it as well.  There are some key things that I did to make mine really perform.  First of all there is a manufacturing flaw in all of them right from the factory.  Basically the order of washers, spacers and bearings was reversed in the feathering shaft.  It caused the collective to stick, and be unreliable.  Once changed to the correct order, it is perfect.  Also, I removed all the ball linkages and reburred them.  Again, there was a big improvement in response.  The gear mesh, and main shaft play are also important to set up correctly.  Once the gyro is tuned perfectly, it also improved flight dramatically.  Maybe these  tips would help you friend who is having trouble with his Blade.

As far as helis go, I decided that I wouldn't get one until I could fly perfectly on the computer simulator.  This took a few months.  Then I bought the GWS Dragonfly (a few years ago now), and got so I could fl it quite well.  Fast forward flight and circuits etc.  I then wanted the collective pitch, so I got the Blade CP.  It is actually a really great little heli.  It does take many hours to master, but you won't find a better, more precise helicopter for even $700.  I then got the Blade CX to fly in the house.  It really isn't a challenge at all, but it is fun.  That pretty much sums up my helicopter experience.  Some people are having trouble with the Blade CP, but really it's just a matter of setting it up correctly, like most things. 


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