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P-51 Mustang Down

March 19, 2006 We were able to fly as the March winds backed of in the evening so Tommy Shields and myself went to a field close by and after flying the P-51 for about twenty minutes I made a super misjudgement and flew her through a giant bare leafed tree. Wow, did those wings ever shred of nicely. Take a look at the photos of Tommy and I flying that day on this page.

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Bob's P-51 Up Close


Tommy's Plane

Looks Pretty Close to Trees








It Seems to Work OK With the Arial Down

Tommy Shields - Lambeth, Ontario, Canada


The Last Day for my P-51 Mustang


















































Oh well, after looking at the damage more closely, only the wings are ruined so I will likely build a new set of wings for my P-51 Mustang and she will fly again.


OK So Here She is One Week Later with a New Foam Wing

Notice New Foam Wing Without Fairings next to Fuselage


Here We are Ready to Try it With the New Wing Complete With Fairings


Sorry to have to report that on the first test flight with the new wing that the P-51 flew well with full power but became unstable when the power was reduced to one-quarter throttle and subsequently I did not land very well crashing onto a cement slab messing up the fuselage somewhat and a little wing damage. I will be repairing it all and adding some positive incidence to the wing.


The All New and Refined P-51 Mustang

May 03, 2006 - Ok, so now I have finally fixed her up and wow, does it ever fly nice. On my first attempt to rebuild the model I made a new Styrofoam wing and covered it with 15 mil plastic and it turned out to be to heavy so this time we cut a new core and I added over two extra inches to the trailing edge and covered the wing with 3 mil sticky back plastic from a sign company as suggested by my friend Ted Banks who cut the foam cores with me. Now the P-51 floats in on landings and is a joy to fly. Take a look at the photos below and let me know if you think it looks odd with it's larger wing area.




I was so nervous with the new wing but it works well






The Sticky Back Plastic Looks Good Too
























Landing is a Breeze






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