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LIFT - Fanshawe College Fly-In - Jan 2009

Art Lane With His Sperry Sport


Jeff Swanson with His R/C Hang Glider

Dominic Gloss 3-D


Dominic Gloss 3-D

Bryan Mailloux, Kevin Perry and Ivan


Dominic Gloss Single Handed 3-D

Art and Ivan


Dominic Gloss 3-D

Bryan Mailloux 3-D


Bryan Mailloux 3-D

Art Lane Takes Off His Sperry Sport


Jeff Swanson - R/C Hang Glider

Dominic Gloss 3-D


LIFT - Holy Cross Fly-In - Jan 15, 2009

AVF has the Vapor in Stock

The New Parkzone Vapor - "Best Indoor Flier"


Beautiful Stick and Tissue Models


Art Lane's Jenny Sperry Sport

Art Lane's Jenny Sperry Sport Almost Ready To Go


Charles Elson Flying His Rat R/C Electric

The Blade MCX on Top and the Parkzone Vapor on Bottom


Art Lane Flying His Blade CX Real Close To The Camera


Art Lane's Profile - Cosmic Wind Ballerina

Shirley Flies Her Blade CX


Andy Chisholm Flies His New Heli From AVF Hobbies

Don Arthur Inspects His Chipmunk's RPM


Shirley Shows Charles How Well She Flies Her Blade CX


Charles Elson with Two Rats

Jim Arthur Flies my MCX


Wind Em Up Jim


Don Arthur Flying His Mini Heli - Top Right

Andy Chisholm Flies my Vapor Real Close to the Camera


Don Arthur Flies my Vapor


Jim Arthur Watches Andy Fly my Vapor

Shirley Genttner Flies Her CX


Jim Arthur's Two Stick Models


Jim Flies my MCX

Charles - His Rat Electric


More Stick and Tissue

Shirley Flies Her Yellow CX with Art Lane's Red One


Charles Flies my MCX Heli and Shirley Watches

We are hoping that some of our fliers will get out to AVF and pick up a Parkzone Vapor to fly at next weeks Thursday evening Fly-in.


LIFT - Fanshawe College Fly-In - Jan 2009

  2009 Indoor Vapor Combat at Fanshawe


  2009 Indoor Heli Aerobatics at Fanshawe


Dominic Gloss - Germany

"Blade MCX" Great Flier


Ryan Sanders - Trex 450

Les - MCX


Paul Neely and Riley

Frank Munzer Setting Radio Controls


Paul Flies His Heli



LIFT - Fall 2008 Fanshawe College Fly-In - Dec - 14

Kevin Perry Flies His Parkzone Vapor





Three Fliers

Two Helis


Keith Schneider's HoneyBee


Keith Schneider


Ryan Sanders Flies His Trex 450

Blade MCX


A Handy Landing Pad

Keith Schneider and HoneyBee


Andy Chisholm

Kevin Perry with Vapor by Parkzone


Bryan Moulinex

Ivan Heli Pilot


Two Helis


Flying Close

Two 3-D Foamies


3-D Pilot

Set-Up Area


Keith Schneider

Spectators Above Behind the Glass


Dominic Gloss

Kevin Perry Flies Ikarus Foamy


Two Coaxial Helis - Blade MCX and Blade CX



Kevin Perry 3-D

Holy Cross November 20, 2008

Don Arthur with His Chipmunk

Anthony with His Lama Heli


Art Lane Testing

Walter With His Beautiful Plane


R/C Rat

Charlie Elson Flying His R/C Rat


Shirley Genttner Flying a CX 2

Shirley and Charlie


Anthony Apicciuto Flying Lama Heli

Trex 450


Don Winding up

Jamie Arthur


Don Arthur with a Chipmunk

Andy Chisholm Flies His Helicopter


Anthony's Lama


LIFT - Fall 2008 Fanshawe College Fly-In Nov 9

Art Lane Organizer Of the Fanshawe Fly-Ins






Kevin Perry


Bryan Mailoux 3-D

Bob Grant Flies B-Rex


Bryan Mailoux

 Frank Launches Art's Plane


Frank, Kevin and Dominic



Keith Schneider

Bryan and Dominic





Bryan Mailoux

Two Foamies


Dominic's Plane



Dominic Gloss








Bryan and Dominic



Most of the Pilots


Thursday April 24, 2008 - Holy Cross School - London, Canada

Andy Chisholm, Don Irvine, Charles Elson, Don Arthur, Andrea Davis, Jamie Arthur

Shirley Genttner, Jack Howe


Don Arthur


Jamie Arthur and Charles Elson

Jamie Arthur


 Charles Elson Flies His Helicopter

Andy Chisholm Winds the Rubber


Andy Lets Her Go

Jack Winding Up


Art Lane and The Rat Electric


Shirley Flies Her Helicopter


Jack Sets off Another Good One

Andy Watching His Rubber Model


Charles Flies His R/C Plane



Art Lane Gets His Dart Ready


Jamie Lets Another One Go



Don and Charles

Andy With Another Rubber Model


Art Lane with His Dart



Jamie Watches His Plane While Andy Times The Flight and it Was A Good One








One Of Jamie's Planes






Outdoor London LPH - 2008

Don McGilliwee - London Model Aircraft Club Member Flies His New Styroplane


Art Lane Flies His Dart Cub Very Nicely


Arrival at London Psyc. Hospital

Maureen Flies Her Slowstick


Maureen Flies Her Slowstick


Bob Launches Ted's Striker

Maureen's Slowstick


Maureen Flies Combat with Art Lane

Ted Launches His Striker for Bob to Fly


Great Launch


Ted and Bob




Thursday April 13, 2007 - Holy Cross School - London, Canada

The Group


Tommy Shields

Jim Arthur


Art Lane Flies His Blade CX





Tommy Flies my Walmart Heli

Shirley Flies Her CX





Jim Arthur Launches








Andy Chisholm

Air Hogs Havoc Heli


Charles Elson Flies His Blade CX

Don Arthur


Don Arthur Flies Air Hogs Havoc Heli






Stick n Tissue Table



















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