R/C Model Aircraft


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Cobble Hills Combat 2010



Home Built Pilot by Johnny - Toronto



Johnny's Albatros



November 4, 2010 FCF Field London, Ontario


Bob Brooke FCF Field




Bob's Chipmunk




Chipmunk Fly By

Looping Chipmunk


Labor Day Fly-In 2010

We captured a few photos and lots of video so check out the Videos Here Soon.


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MAAC Rep Frank's Beautiful Stunt Plane



John Smith with His Logo 500

Dean Gayle's Smirok Inverted



Rob Fawsett's Sister and Her Sweet Greyhound



Ben Hohner's New Trex 550 Electric




Bob and Ben With Bob's Logo 500

Bob's Logo




Frank Munzer's Big Jet and Wow! How It Flies- Check out the Video Soon




Dean Gayle's Smirok




Marta Smith - John's Honey

John Smith - Logo 500




Ben Hohner Gets Bob'sLogo 500 Inverted Close




Ben After a Great Show with His Trex 550 E

Egg Drop Beauty




Bob's Logo Inverted




Andy's New Texan AT 6




Frank's Stunt Plane




Bob's Logo 500 E


Kevin Hicks Receives The MAAC Membership Prize



Delilah Hohner

Phil,Andy and Frank Hand Out Prizes




Phil, Wife and Son Kevin Have a Great Day



Bob Brooke's Chipmunk

Chipmunk - Great Flier



Bob Revs Her Up



Bob With His Favorite Plane


Forest Club Field August 11, 2010


Walt Wetering - Forest, Ontario, Canada




Walt's Stunt Plane

Walt - Fly By


Gee Bee by Walt

Gee Bee Wingin


Gee Bee Again

More Gee Bee


Stunt Plane by Walt

Walt Wetering

July 13, 2010 Meeting & Fly

Ivan Looks over Dave Westman's Folke Wolf





Phil Hicks Stunt Plane

Phil Taxis out


Morey Benton with His Spitfire



A Day at the Forest Ontario R/C Field



Brad Maddog Metcalf

John Smith - Heli Pilot - NorthVille, Ontario


John Smith - Aerobatics




Brad's Plane

Please Send Me Your Name


More Names Please - TayorCraft




The Big One



Brad Getting Ready



2010 LMAC Flying


Bob Brooks With His Kadet




Don's Electric Plane

Don Taking Off


Don Mcgillawee




Bob Brooks Flying Kadet

Shaun Carter With His Messerschmitt



Andy Richardson




Morey Benton and His Jets



Slick Take Off Device





















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