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2010 Heli Flying in London Canada



John Smith's New Mikado "LOGO"




John Smith July 13, 2010 - LMAC Field

John Controls Nicely


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2010 has started out with lots of flyable days and a few of us have been braving the cold temperatures. January 1st New Years day was cloudy and very windy so Ben Hohner and myself flew one flight each and then packed it in. January 9 and 10 were both sunny days but temps were 7 and 8 degrees F so very cold but with the help of Ben's transmitter glove we both flew seven flights and it was enjoyable. On January 16 John Smith, Guy Evans, Keith Graham, Ben Hohner and myself had some good flying in 30 degree F temps.


Keith Graham, Guy Evans and Ben Hohner Get Ready To Fly




Tot  Raptor 50




Guy Evans Helis

Guy's New 15 Powered HK Heli




Gogian Yee's Trex 700 Electric Conversion - Click Here for More Photos




Dean Gayle's Kasama Srimok 90




Skydog's 600 Electric




Ben Hohner Flying His New Trex 700 Nitro




Guy Evans with His Raptor




Guys New Canopy




John Smith Flying His Trex 600 EXP



Keith Graham Flying his Raptor




Ben Hohner's Trex 700 Nitro




Ben Inverted




Ben Very Close to the Snow





Ben Inverted




Skydog's New Canopy





John Smith's and Bob's Trex Helis




Ben Hohner Flies is New Trex 700 N




Skydogsports Trex 600 E




Jay Brynes Daughter Helps Set-up Their Helis

Dean Gayle's Srimok 90


Skydogsports Trex 600 E




Bob Brooks Watches the Helis

Ben Hohner With The Snowman


Ben Hohner Flies His Trex 700 N Over The Snowman




Jay Gets His Raptor Ready to Fly

Ivan Finishes Another Great Flight


Chopper Patrol Flies His Trex 500 E



John Smith - Trex 600 E

Flash Guards my Trex 600 E





Dean Gayle's Kasama Srimok 90

Frank Pancino


Ivan Flies His Outrage 550



Dean Gayle - Srimok 90

Skydog's Trex 600 E



Jay Brynes - Raptor




Skydog's Trex 600E



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