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2009 Heli Flying in London Canada

Lots of us Fly Helis


Family of Trex Helis



2009 Weather was not as good as many years but the warm weather has lasted into December. With sunny skies a few of us got out to take advantage of the warm weather. Some of the London Model Aircraft Club members have been getting ready to fly all winter and have their combat planes tuned up and ready to go. Us Heli fliers are going to pick the nicest day and get out as well.

December 5, 2009

Ryan Sanders with His New Trex 600 LE Nitro


It Really Flies Nice


Skydog's New Canopy - Trex 600 E - 298 Flights on Old Canopy


Skydog's New Canopy - Trex 600 E


Skydog - Trex 600 E


Ryan Flies His New Bird


Ben Hohner Watches as Ryan Flies

October 10, 2009

Keith Graham's Raptor



Pretty Sky


Nose In - Wow !!  Hawk in Left Bottom Corner


2009 Heli Fun Fly

A good turn out for what appeared at first to be a rainy day but by 12:30 pm the clouds broke and gave us some sunny periods for an afternoon of Heli Fun and Competition. All agreed that the Drag Races were most fun and exciting. With two pilots lined up with their helis at one end of the field and a spotter at the other end The Horn would blow and the two would accelerate as fast as possible to the other end where Mecos would see who crossed the end line first. We kept this going in two man heats until a winner was Crowned.

Food and beverages were supplied and all had a great time. Thanks to all that helped organize the event.


Frank Munzer Modeled for us in Front of the Helis and all got a good laugh


Glenn's Raptor

Frank Munzer


Jeff From Kitchener Inverted


Frank Munzer

Bob Locke


Frank's 600 Nitro


A Group under the canopy

The Food area and Cooks


Frank Munzer


Bob Lock's Raptor

Bob Locke


Jeff - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada



Ben Hohner's  600 Nitro


Glenn and His Raptor - Bradford, Ontario, Canada


Bob and Glenn

Glenn's Raptor


Jeff From Kitchener


The Gang

Set up


Bob Locke


Set up

Bob's 600 Nitro


Ben's 600 Nitro Smokin


Guy Evans - Raptor



Group Photo #1


Frank - Trex 450 Pro



Bob - 600 Nitro


Guy Evans

Tom and Bergen Turbo


Tom's Bergen Turbo

Bob Grant - Trex 600 Electric


Group Photo #2 By Mecos


Bob Locke

Raptor 50


Bob Locke


----Fun Fly Movie--


The Fun Comp Winners Were


Timed Hover:

Bob Grant Jr. 1st place,  Tied for second was Jeff Vinn and Ben  Hohner


Drag Race:

Ben 1st, Jeff 2nd, Frank 3rd,Bob G 4th



Jeff 1st, Ben 2nd, Frank 3rd



Mid July 2009

95 Year Young Mrs. Kay Mitchell Enjoys the Helicopters LMAC Field


Kay and Guy Evans with his 50 Raptor

Guy Takes Off with His 50 Raptor


Guy Cruising Through the Clouds


Guy Coming in for a Landing


Ben Hohner Inverted Above a Visiting Hot Air Balloon at LMAC Field


Ivan Inverted with His Outrage 550

Skydog's Trex 600 Electric


Ivan Zooming Down Between the Clouds


 Ivan's Outrageous 550 Powerhouse


Skydog's Trex 600 E


Skydog's Trex 600 E Inverted


Bobby's 600 Trex Nitro Inverted


Bobby's Trex 600 Nitro Above the Clouds


Trex 450 Pro and Trex 600 Electrics - My new Helis 2009


Skydog's Helis

Get That 600 Up


There She Is


Bought Her Used From Steve in Medicine Hat, Alberta



Heli Pro - Frank Munzer's new Plane


Frank and His Plane

Maurice Reguadie with 450


Bob with Trex 450 Pro

Bob with Trex 450 Pro


Frank sets up Pat's mini heli

Bob with Trex 450 Pro


Bob with Trex 450 Pro - This a Special flying Heli

Maurice with his 600 E


Trex 450 Inverted at LMAC Flying Field March 14, 2009


Yep, It Flies

Love It


We were all excited with Meco's new Outrage 550 and seeing it's first flights and on Friday evening we were rewarded with a new chopper showing us excellence in Helicopter flying. This is a big heli with lots of power and Mecos will soon be doing all of the wild manoeuvres that he has been practising on the sim this past winter. This weekend we also met Ben Hohner and Dean Gayle who are both flying Trex 600 size helis and they are both doing very well. Photos follow.


March 20, 2009 Line-up at Westminster Public School


The All New Outrage 550 by Mecos "Shayoshnae" Goddess of Rage


Ready to Go

She is Off


What a Pretty Bird


Outrage 550 Overhead



May 1st weekend brought some great flying conditions and Some new helis and new club members.

Photos Below

Anthony Apicciuto's new Trex 600 E


Ben Hohner and Chopper Patrol

Chopper's 600 Nitro Lifts Off


Anthony and His new Trex 600 E


Trex 600 Nitro


Two Trex 600 Nitro Helis


Chopper's Trex 600 Nitro Before First Flight


Chopper Patrol and His Newest Heli


Anthony Flies His Trex 450 Very Well


April 5, 2009 - LMAC Field London, Canada there were likely twenty pilots flying and having a wonderful time in the warm sunny light wind conditions. Frank Munzer flew and tested his new Trex 600 Pro Electric and it went very well. I flew my Blade 400 for eleven packs so I was very happy and Mecos flew his Outrage 550 lots too.

Frank Munzer Making Adjustments on His New Trex 600 E Pro


Test Flight Trex 600 E Pro


"Shayoshnae" Inverted


Mecos Outrage 550 Inverted


We head out to the Ontario Hospital for some Fun April 2, 2009.

Ben Hohner's Blade 400 3-D with Mods


Dean Gayle's Trex 450

Dean's 450 Heading for the Trees


Dean Cruising in Front of the Trees

Dean Flying Nose In


Ben Hohner's Trex 600 Pro Nitro


Ben's 600 in a Beautiful Sky

Ben's 600 Inverted


Ben Hohner Flies His Blade 400 3-D Inverted


Dean Gayle's Trex 450 Scooting Around

Ben Inverted Nose In


Ben Gets Close to Ground


Anthony Apicciuto Hovering indoors

Ben Enjoys flight

Indoor April 2, 2009

Randy's 5th Hover Flight - Anthony Watches with Delight

Dean Gayle Hovers Nose In

Ontario Hospital March 31, 2009.

Dean's Trex 600 E


Dean Flies the Trex 600 E

Dean's Trex 600 E


Dean with Both Trex Helis

Dean with 600 E


Trex 600 E Airborne


Dean Flies the Trex 600 E

Gabriel, Majalena and Dean Gayle


Dean Flies the Trex 600 E Close

March 28, 2009

Ben with His 400

Dean with His Trex 600 Electric


Ben's Blade 400 3-D


Ben Hohner with His Trex 600 Nitro

Trex 600 Nitro


Ben's Trex 600 Airborne


A Great Evening at Westminster


March 14, 2009

We have been flying our helis at the club field about four times this year so far and it has been great with temperatures starting to get above 40 degrees F. Today, March 14 th there were likely about 15 pilots flying both Planes and Helis. I got a little out of control on my first pack and did some damage so went home and replaced three parts and went back out at 3 pm and had 30 minutes of heli fun. Junior was doing some incredible inverted and lots of new moves that I can't even describe. I hope that I can do half that well soon but I don't expect it will be too soon.



The Line-up


Ryan Sanders Flies his Raptor 30

Ryan and Bob


Ryan's Raptor 30


Ryan at the Controls

Frank Munzer with His Trex 600 Electric Heli


Anthony Apicciuto Flies His Trex 450


Chopper Patrol's Trex 500 Electric Heli

Chopper Patrol Had a Great Flight


Frank Munzer With His Trex 450

Maurice With His Mini Titan


Maurice's Mini Titan Heli


Anthony's Trex 450

Frank's 600


Bob Sr. - Blade 400 - Westminster Public School


Chopper Patrol Flying Raptor 50 Nitro


Ready to Fly

Blade 400 3-D Upgraded


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Bob's Blade CP with the 2100 LiPo Battery


Eric Walne's Blade CP


A Special Effect Photo of Eric Flying His Blade CP


The Blade CP Wound Up and Ready to Go


First Outdoor Test Flights For Bob's Blade CP - April 2006


The Launch Pad



Wow, This Is Fun !!!


Jeff Ellington's Close-up Modification Photos


Main Gear


Rotor Head

Tail Conversion


Learning to Fly

Eric's New Blade CP Helicopter


Cam Schiedel Flying His Blade CP in the Gym



Helicopter Night with Jeff Ellington Helping Other Pilots with Adjustments

Jeff Making Some Adjustments

Tommy Shields - Walkera Dragonfly



Jeff Puts His Blade CP Up Near the Rafters


Eric Walne Getting High with His Blade CP

Eric with His Body Moulding


Jeff Cruising Around

Jeff Getting in Close


Eric, Tommy Jeff and Bob Shoots Video

Eric Having Some Fun


Jeff Keeps Near the Rafters and Lights



Copter Talk

By Jeff Ellington - London, Canada

I am still somewhat rusty in the flying department, I never flew 3D
manoeuvres with the old Hirobo chopper I had (it wasn't capable of inverted)
and my friend would not let me attempt it with his Raptor 30 that we have
been flying in the mean time. Hovering of all types is not a problem,
forward and reverse flight is no problem, some patterns still give me
trouble and inverted has cost me many rotor blades. Good thing blade parts
are cheap. An instructor told me long ago, "If you are not crashing, you are
not progressing". Crashing sadly is more common with rotary wings than fixed
ones. Hey I don't mind, it gives me the opportunity to upgrade and trick out
my bird even more.

Lately I have been brushing up on my spot landings, (land on small surfaces
let main rotors come to a stop then spool them up again and lift off).
Pirouettes are no problem (rapid spinning of the airframe in circles while
holding a steady hover). The latest thing I am up to is hovering back flips.
I completed about 8 or so and crashed 3 times only 1 crash required a new
rotor blade. I should really be concentrating on nose in flying (flying with
the nose facing you) but I had to try the back flips as I had a fellow flyer
egging me on.  The last flip I did resulted in the bird almost getting
completely destroyed. That is when I met you guys while I was picking up
parts at AVF Hobbies

Also, I met another heli guy this week who was having blade tuning problems at Amazing Hobbies.
Peter (the shop owner) called me and I told him I had to see him anyway due
to my crash.
It turns out that he (the guy who needed help) is interested in starting up a heli rc
group as well --- Now here's the kicker --- This guy actually has a
commercial helicopter pilot license, the real deal. He showed me his wings
and license. It is very telling to me that he can fly the real thing, but
has trouble flying a Blade around. Man I should go get my heli license! I
just checked, the wife said no way!!!

Newsflash - The Blade is up a running again good as ever! Flew around my
fenced in patio this morning and it seems to fly just right again (I had
only enough juice to fly for 3 minutes or so).



Compare Choppers By Cam Schiedel - London, Canada

Another thing I like about the Blade is that all of the local Hobby Shops carry parts for them, and they are quite inexpensive.  I found that I always had to order parts for my old GWS Dragonfly, and it often took 3 weeks before I could fly it again.  I've flown a $1500 Trex electric heli, and  $1200 Eco8 and, I actually like the Blade best.  There are now quite a few upgrade parts available for it as well.  There are some key things that I did to make mine really perform.  First of all there is a manufacturing flaw in all of them right from the factory.  Basically the order of washers, spacers and bearings was reversed in the feathering shaft.  It caused the collective to stick, and be unreliable.  Once changed to the correct order, it is perfect.  Also, I removed all the ball linkages and reburred them.  Again, there was a big improvement in response.  The gear mesh, and main shaft play are also important to set up correctly.  Once the gyro is tuned perfectly, it also improved flight dramatically.  Maybe these  tips would help you friend who is having trouble with his Blade.

As far as helis go, I decided that I wouldn't get one until I could fly perfectly on the computer simulator.  This took a few months.  Then I bought the GWS Dragonfly (a few years ago now), and got so I could fl it quite well.  Fast forward flight and circuits etc.  I then wanted the collective pitch, so I got the Blade CP.  It is actually a really great little heli.  It does take many hours to master, but you won't find a better, more precise helicopter for even $700.  I then got the Blade CX to fly in the house.  It really isn't a challenge at all, but it is fun.  That pretty much sums up my helicopter experience.  Some people are having trouble with the Blade CP, but really it's just a matter of setting it up correctly, like most things. 


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