Kayak Photos

2002 - Page-4

Maureen, Jane and Bob take the six mile trip from Springbank dam to the Killworth Bridge and enjoy the rapids near the bridge.

Jane Crosby Catching Some Rapid Action at Kilworth on "The Thames"  London, Canada


Maureen & Jane Passing me

Maureen After a Good Run


Maureen Grant After the Rapids

Jane Splashing Through


Jane Heads for a Big One

Maureen Getting a Splash


 Maureen Flies Through the Rapids VIDEO - Click Here 


Maureen "Oh Happy Days"

Jane Having a Ball


Alyssa, my Eleven Year Old Granddaughter Challenges The Thames Oct. 2000

Alyssa Grant

Alyssa with Flash & Mike's Kayak


Alyssa with Flash & Gramps

Alyssa & Maureen


Alyssa Braves the Rapids

Gramps, Flash & Alyssa


Here we are at Photo Rock

Maureen, Flash & Alyssa at Photo Rock


Alyssa - Power Paddler in Rapids

Nice Smile & Splash


Here's a Big Splash

Alysa is Getting a Workout


Alyssa Makes it Through the Rapids

Maureen Takes Mike's Kayak Through Rapids


Maureen Looking Good


Justine & Andrea, my Eleven & Eight Year Old Granddaughters

Having a Fun Day on The Thames

Bob, Andrea & Justine Ready to Paddle

The Three of us with Flash the Dachshund


We are off with Justine in the Lead

Andrea and Justine at Halfway Point


Justine Flying Through the Rapids

Andrea Going Fast in Rapids


Justine & Andrea After Andrea Falls in Water

Justine Shows Two of the Many Clam Shells


The Three of us with Flash After a Great Trip


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