Wallaby Ranch

February 2003

We had a wonderful Three Weeks in Florida and would like to show here some of the friends that we met and activities.

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Our Wonderful Host - Malcolm Jones

 Malcolm and his Daughter Lauren


Allen Ahl - Litespeed - New York

Allen Making a Landing Appproach


Neal Harris - Tug Pilot

Bell Tower at The Ranch


Steve Arndt - in Carbon Dragon

Steve Arndt - Carbon Dragon


 Airborn Boxer  -  "Xander"

Jay Darling Keeping the Sun off


Bob McGowan - Formerly Hawaii and now Florida

Bob Launching


Carlos Bessa - Tug and HG Pilot - Florida

Carlos Makes his Harness Ready


Carlos gets ready for an XC Flight

Cindy and Ralph Swinging


 Cindy - Hangin Out

 Cindy - Ready to Fly


 Ralph - Ranch Computer Expert and Pilot



 Pretty Sky

 Doug Coster - Michigan - Relaxin


 Doug - Getting Ready

 Doug - Taking Off


 Doug - Skyward and Hard to Beat

 Flash - our Playful Dachshund


 JJ LaMarche - New York  Atos Pilot

 JJ's Atos


Jay Darling (Dad)

American Airlines Pilot -  Moyes Super Xtralite

Lori Darling (Mom)

Home Schooling Mom


TJ and Willie Darling

Luke Darling


Willie Darling

Seth Darling


 The Darling Family and Friends - in Hot Tub

 Luke Darling - Flying String Kite


 Glider Line-up

Mike Barber - Competition Instructor


2 ?

Tommy “Tiger” Ramseur


 Jeromy - Ranch Cook

 Jim - Ranch Cook


 John Reddick's Friend 

 John Reddick - Miami Pilot


Jimmy - Relaxing

Joe Katsafaras - Moyes Pilot

Our Friend for 30 Years


 Lauren Jones and Friend Fourwheelin

TJ Darling - on the Blo-Kart


 TJ Darling - Speeding on the Blo-Kart

 Lauren - Going Wild


 Another Day and Another Line-up


 Laurie Croft's Sweet Lucy

Luna, owned by tandem instructor Jeff Dodgen


 Maureen Grant - London, Canada

 Bob Grant - Fusion Pilot


Tommy Ramseur Age 3 Loves His Motorcycle

 Micki Ahl - NY


 Jeff Dodgen Takes Cindy up Tandem

 Another Tandem Experience


 Our Friends - Nelson & Liz Stephen - London Ca

John Hill Pilot - Tiki & Malcolm Launching


 Pete Pheiffer - Exxtasy Pilot

Tink - Tug Mechanic - Pilot


Greg Nejame

 Tom Nejame - Happy High Miler


JJ - Carlos -Tom - Getting Ready for Flight

 Tom Heads off for another XC Flight


Scotty Hubbard - Florida

7 ?


Tyson-  Former Exxtacy pilot now has a new Talon

Enthusiastic Hang 2 new on Eagle from Falcon

His funny quote was "I suck, ok?"


 This is Pip, Neal Harris' little dog

Neal also has a cat named Squeek

 Sunset at The Ranch


 Steve Arnd's Beautiful Carbon Dragon


 Tiki Tug Pilot

 Tiki - Enjoying the Weather in Florida


If you were at Wallaby Ranch while

We were there, Send me a photo and I will

include it here.

Thanks, Bob Grant

 Tiki and Laurie



 What a Sky

Ralph trying out his new Rotor Vulto S


Joe Katsafara's  Classic Car

Remy – American Bulldog - Owner - TJ Beatty


 Tandem Landing

11 ?


Carlos Bessa, yellow harness on blue/white Talon

 14 ?


Doug Coster - Michigan - Fusion

13 ?


Bob Grant Being Towed - Wallaby Ranch

 Bob Grant - Towing to 2500 Feet


 Sky Looks Great

 Hope I can Catch a Thermal


 Bob Landing

 I always use wheels - (Bad Knee)


David Ledford - We flew together in 1976 in the Molson Championships in Thunder Bay Canada


 Allen Ahl - NY Pilot

 Allen & wife Micki


 The XC Group Assembling after yesterdays XC

 JJ Coming in


Other Activities near Wallaby Ranch

 JJ LaMarche- Maureen Grant - Doug Coster

 They are Heading out on a Long Ride


 The Ten Mile Crossing

 Still going Strong at Twenty Miles


 Here They Come to 29 Miles

 Yes, They Are Pumped.



Ray - Toronto Canada

 A Good Day at Cocoa Beach Area 20 Plus Mph


Flash Loves the Water Too

Please Throw me a Stick


 Sunset at Wallaby Ranch in February

Please help me out with the Missing Captions, Thanks, Bob Grant


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