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"Customer Comments"


  Bob,      March 14, 2006

Please send me a DVD copy of "The Best of Hang Gliding." I bought a copy of the VHS tape from Raven a couple of years ago that I'll pass on to my son now that you offer it on DVD. It's a fantastic collection of hang gliding footage!

Fly safe,

John  - Longmont, CO, USA


April 30, 2004


Hi Bob, I received the Best of Hang Gliding VHS tape yesterday! Thank you so much for the quick
delivery to Kansas!!! I Really enjoyed the Tape!! Now I'm more determined to
go experience a tandem flight, and probably sell my ultralight plane and go
for a
hanglider, as a kid growing up we used to watch people Hanglide around
the lake, It sure lifts the Soul watching your tape!! Thank you again Bob,
Michael Bristol



February 7, 2002

Cliff Whitney
Wolf Camera Management 
Atlanta, Georgia

Hey Bob,
I got my copy of "THE BEST OF HANG GLIDING" yesterday. Thank you so much for
making the effort to produce a tape like this.  I have really enjoyed seeing
all of the footage from around the country and will show it to friends this
weekend. The quality of your work is excellent, very clean footage with nice
edits and the action keeps moving.
I have also watched your online movies, very nice but would only suggest
that you load a second version for us with gobs of bandwidth. Kick the frame
rate way up, 15 megs or so is no problem for a file size. 

Any way, Thanks again for the great video!
Cliff Whitney


Hi Bob,                     June, 22, 2001

  I'm interested in your book/cd.  I got your gliding video a while back 
 as well,   I liked your hang gliding video, and will 
 keep an eye out for your next one. 
 I paid for the last video via paypal.  This is very convenient.  Can I pay 
 for/order your book using paypal as well? 

 Regards, Stu Robertson 

 Chicago Illinois 

September 29, 2001 

Hi Bob!

 Thanks very much for sending me the  tape!  
 Nicely compiled vedeo and good quallity too. 
 PayPal worked well. 
 Best regards, Rob van Willigenburg. 

 Kloosterzande, zeeland 


August 2, 2001 -

Bob, I just got my pc back online. I had 95 e-mails and 44 junk mails. I was
glad to hear from you. I have really enjoyed the footage of flying. The
photography was excellent. I thought all of the sites you showed on "The
Best of Hang Gliding" were really cool. Watching the video makes me want to
go there. After watching the video for several times, the music was getting
better. I have bored my two friends enough with the tapes I got from you,
because every time they come over, I am watching the tapes again! Thanks for
the hard work in making them. 

Chuck Germany

Columbus, Ms. USA



  Thanks for your great service through PayPal, and an excellent video!  You offer great value in 

  an 80 minute production.  I'm happy I purchased it. 

  Best Regards,

  Richard Vobroucek

  Hi Dick: Did you find PayPal easy to use?  Bob Grant 

  Yes, PayPal was very easy to use.  Although my wife had previously established the account, it 

  was the first time I used it.  It took less than a minute.

  And, your quick posting of the video meant a 3 day turnaround from order to receipt. 

  Thanks again. 

  Best Regards, 

  Dick Vobroucek,    Highland Mills, New York   



  This is the first time I have ever heard of PayPal so the first time I  
  have used it.
  Yes, I was able to use the service as soon as I signed up.

  Jean Tolin,      Weatherford, Texas


  Hello Bob,

  I loved the video!  Great Stuff...I've never seen anyone hang glide before and it looks like so much fun.  I'm thinking of 

  selling my trike and getting a hang gliding wing and maybe even a doodlebug to attach. 

  I will definitely be buying more videos from you soon.  I love the music and narration during the editing.  You have been to 

  a lot of nice places and I envy your ability to soar like bird from tow or mountain.  Where is your most enjoyable place to 

  hang glide?  Washington and Oregon are beautiful places, I’ll bet they are nice.

  I'm all excited about the sport now.  Thanks also for sending the over payment back as well.  Trust me, it's worth what I 

  originally sent and more.  Most companies seem to charge about a dollar a minute per video.  I was pleased to see an 80 

  minute video for that price. 

  Take care and thanks for your services, 

  Paul Patterson

  North Richland Hills, Texas 


Wuzzzzzzzzzzup Sky Dawg!

  That was pretty wild stuff. My buds and I have watched it through, and it left us salivating...

 Great video mate. If you have any others that deal with soaring, like

  cloudbase soaring, let me know. I want vapour on the lense man! I was never a 

  fan of VFR cloud clearance regs... 


              Jamie Ferrie,  Toronto, Canada



  Hi Bob,

  Just wanted to let you know that I got my video on Wednesday of this week.  I've already enjoyed it a bunch 

  of  times :).

  And I'm glad to see you embracing the Paypal way.

  Thanks again,

  Daniel Pifko, Hayward, CA  



  I just got a new H.G. video from Bob Grant Productions.   Its fantastic. I will bring it to the 

  next  club meeting. 
  Its got flying from many places he and Maureen have traveled over the past few years 

  highlighting all the launches and landings.  It's professionally done and worth the $25.00 cdn . 

  While viewing it I was surprised to see that I was caught in the cameras lens whilst launching and 

  landing at Wallaby in 98.  Kevy you got some notoriety in there too.  I think Bob will have to come 

  up to SOGA and get some great footage of the best place to fly in Ontario !

  John Pop,  Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 


  Hey Bob.  Got the video last Friday.  I've already watched it a couple of 
  times.  I like it.  Lots of good footage.  By the way Dan Ohara says hey.  He 
  is a buddy of mine from Duluth who has been in Chelan a few times when you 
  were.  Take care.   Zeph   P.S.  I'm still flying My HPAT,  Its in good 
  shape, but the trim speed is slowing down, due to sail shrinkage/stretching.

  Matthew Gruis,  Des Moines, Iowa  



  Received your video well over a week ago.  It arrived rather quicklyI've enjoyed looking at it.  I particularly like 

  watching all the different landing techniques.  I also enjoyed the air to air and air to ground shots. 

  Thanks again.  

  Ken Mattison  Laughlin AFB, TX   



  Just received your video today. I thought it was fantastic!!!

  Thanks, Thomas Clay     Jackson Ga. 


  Hello Bob, 
    Most Excellent service, I must say! Thanks. My PayPal account has been 
  active for some time and very convenient. Ain't the web neat. 
    I received my copy of "The Best of Hang Gliding" and like it a lot. 
  Lots of good footage of several nice sites. Well done and a great deal. 
  I'll bet your less than perfect launch at Henson's Gap pegged your pucker 
  meter. Thanks a lot and I look forward to seeing more of your work. 
               Soft Landings,
                     Mark Threlkeld   Memphis, Tennessee 


  Just got a copy of your video from Michael Robertson yesterday and watched it last night.

  Nicely done 


  Mark Kowalsky          Penetanguishene, Ontario  


  Got  "The Best of Hang Gliding"  this week.  It is great.  My husband was 
  thrilled because our weather has been stink - o  and he has not been able 
  to fly.  It was neat to be able to go to sites that one day he hopes to 
  go to. Only thing, wish you had done some flying at Quest.  Great place 
  and great people. 

  Keep up the good work, 
  Jean Tolin  Weatherford, Texas 


 Hi, Bob,

 Thanks for collecting and sharing such great HG footage! 


 - Brad Bentson - Rapid City, South Dakota  


 Dear Bob,

 Thank you. Having looked again thru it, 
 I mostly appreciated the "hand-start" at Salt Lake City in strong slope 
 lift. Really appreciating to see such a start. For my personal interests 
 I missed more of the class II HG, only some scenes you have with them, I 
 prefer very much. The photography is appreciating!! 

 But at all, I would buy it again,

 Best regards and many thanks again for the video,

 Peter F. Selinger 


 Hi Bob.

 It's funny that you should offer me your latest video because I was about to 

 order a copy from you . I thank you for a good offer but I am sending you money 

 for it by mail tomorrow or the day after. My address is still the same .

 I am happy with the first video that I got from you and have been watching it many times, 

 last time only this weekend .I will send you some photos.

 Guđjón St. Guđjónsson




 I really liked your hang gliding video.  I wish the whole video could  
 have had in-air footage.  I would like to try hang gliding, but I can  
 never seemed to get passed the idea of flying such a  
 light aircraft in thermic conditions.  The idea of tumbling in a hang  
 glider really gives goose bumps.  It would be great if your next hang  
 gliding video showed more scenes of the Mosquito(or other motorized  
 harnesses) harness in action.  Thanks again for your great video.  

 Paul Crescimanno,   Washington, PA  


 I have it now and enjoyed it immensely, especially the  
 aerial footage. You sure have some pretty flying sites over there. BTW, just  
 how many miles do you clockup in a year?  

 A couple of suggestions for future productions if I may:  

 I suspect many pilots/photographers would be interested in the camera gear  
 used, how you mount and control it, etc. etc.  

 Secondly, detailed close-ups and comments on new wings and their various  
 features would be of great interest.  

 Keep up the good work and fly safe.  

 John Norman     Daglish Wa. Australia  


 The video arrived Friday, thanks for a great video for a great price. 
                Nathan Martin,  Moline, Illinois 


 Hi Bob and Maureen.

 Lisa and I finally got to see your latest video.  We think it's great, and
 really enjoyed the sections you included about Cloud 9. 

 Tracy Tillman    Cloud 9 Michigan 


 Thanks To our many customers, some of whom write in to tell us of their enjoyment of 




Thanks, Bob Grant