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We have had lots of trips and the photos are below.


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NEW 2015 Biking NEW



The Video 2014


Biking Florida 2015 - 1



Biking Florida 2015 - 2


Arriving in Algonquin Park - 2014


Maureen and Bob - Algonquin Park - 2014



Maureen Happy to be Here


 Maureen - Algonquin Park


Maureen - Algonquin



Maureen and Bob Wonderland Road - London





Gord and Deb Toneguzzo - Lucan


Maureen and Bob - Wonderland Road

Gord and Deb




Maureen and Bob



Maureen and Bob  North of London City Limits

Flash Patiently Waiting


Gord Toneguzzo


Bob and Maureen Near Lucan


Suzie Callon and  Maureen Grant at the Forks of the Thames




Maureen and Bob



Maureen - Wild Flowers


Maureen Passes the Rural Gardens


Bob and Maureen



 Suzie and Maureen - Eight Mile Road


Suzie and Maureen - London Trails

Bob and Maureen



Maureen and Suzie - Eight Mile Road


Suzie and Maureen

Bob and Maureen - The Forks of the Thames - London


Suzie, Margret and Maureen - City London Tails

Lucan Area


Maureen Enters Lambton Shores



Maureen Eight Mile Road

Maureen - Sylvan Road


Maureen Arrives at Port Franks

Maureen Happy to be at Eric and Mary's Cottage


Bob and Maureen Start Another Ride

Gardens Along the Way


Maureen - Algonquin 2014

Maureen and Suzie



Suzie and Maureen - 24 mile Adventure



Suzie Callon - New Road Bike 2014


Maureen Ready to go to Mexico with Barb Vella


2008 Stories


Gord and Debbie Toneguzzo

Maureen and Bob invited us to join them and Eric and Mary in Florida for most of February and ride a couple of railtrails that Maureen knew about, near Wallaby Ranch. We were very excited to go and our trip to Florida proved to be one of the neatest bike trips we have been on.

On the third day of driving Deb and I crossed into the state of Florida at 1pm. The town of Gainesville was the first destination and railtrail. We arrived there around 3pm and searched out the trail immediately, found the parking lot, unloaded the bikes and rode the trail until dusk, (priorities don't you know) Thought we could find a motel later, once we got a taste of the trail.

It was everything we could have hoped for. On the internet the trail was 17 miles each way, but as it turns out there is more, leading right into and through the town itself, also a boardwalk and a State Park along the trail to explore with wild alligators. This was also our first glimpse of Florida swamp scenery which is also so awesome, with the trees all covered in moss. We ended up leaving Gainesville Sunday, 3 days later.

We continued driving south to meet our friends at Wallaby Ranch arriving late Sunday afternoon. It was a blast. Our little hooch (cottage) that we stayed in there was tiny, (we loved it), with a bed up above the "living area". (you climbed a ladder to get into the bed). Below the bed was just large enough for a little couch, bar fridge for the groceries and a counter top to eat on. Everything you need!  There was no water in the hooch, but the showers and washrooms were close by. It was definitely the best accommodations we had on the whole trip.

During the day, at Wallaby, the tugs (Ultra lights) pull the hang gliders up in the air, release them and swoop back down for the next one. There was action everywhere. You could even go up in a tandem hang glider with a pilot for a flight (I wasn't quite brave enough) to try it out. How many places have you ever stayed, that you are sitting outside your hooch and a plane taxies out the laneway, (a 100 ft away from you)  to the field and takes off, or there are hang gliders everywhere in the sky above you?? was just so awesome! It is really worth checking Bob's "Skydog" web page out on Wallaby Ranch!!

Bob, Maureen, Eric and Mary joined us on a bunch of bike rides leaving right from the park, or sometimes meeting up with us on a trail.  Flash, Bob's dachshund, would also be there,  in a basket on the front of Bob's bike. He definitely likes being in the lead. If Bob was behind someone, Flash would wine until Bob sped up and got into the lead, then he was happy. Of course, he also liked to run a little along the way............very fast wiener dog!!

We really enjoyed the 10 days at Wallaby with them. After our stay there, we were excited to continue on exploring new trails, but sad to leave our friends, our hooch and the park behind, while we drove over near Clearwater for more trails and the last part of our holiday. They did meet us again later for a couple of rides near Tarpon Springs and a swim with the Manatees!!  Afterwards they headed back to Wallaby and Deb and I had a few more days of riding on the west coast before heading home to Canada.

That is pretty much how the whole trip went. The rail trails are beautiful, all paved, well maintained, with "HUGE" bridges over any major roads. Most trails averaging 30 to 35 miles one way. There is a really nice choice, some are urban trails, others are scenic country trails with very few road crossings and lots of nature too view while passing by quaint little villages and lakes.  Yet another, the Sun coast trail, that parallels a toll hwy, (it is not a rail trail)  is a paved path that follows the lay of the land and the hwy, for over 40 miles each direction.

Each of the trails also has side trip adventures for more mileage on the bikes. They either have a State park joined to them by path, or a lake or river  to sit and enjoy your lunch. In the case of the Pinellas trail, the side path leads to Honeymoon Island (also a State Park, near Clearwater) It has a beautiful white sandy beach to spend time at. There is also lots of accommodations on or fairly close to all of the trailheads.

A picture is worth a thousand words, I think once you have looked at them , it gives a nice overview of our 850 miles of riding we enjoyed during the 3 weeks of our holidays. (notice the smiles!!)...................... BUT.......... pictures can't portray how awesome these trails really are, it is so much more exciting and rewarding in real life to ride these trails, and I would recommend exploring it to anyone. We will be going back hopefully next winter, there are more trails to ride and explore in Florida!!

I have a short list of trail names we rode, use them on your computer to google and see for yourself..........Orange County Trail

Pinellas Trail

Van Fleet Trail

Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail

Sun Coast Trail

Withlacoochee Trail

Enjoy the ride..................................Gord and Deb


We started this Biking page because Maureen has been riding with Gord and Debbie Tonguzzo at home in London, Ontario, Canada and really enjoyed her riding experiences like their longest trip to Grand Bend and back which took them 100 miles and all day. Gord and Deb thought that coming to Florida while we were here for the month of February would be great with the warmer temperatures and many trails available some of which Maureen had ridden for a few years now.

We arrived at our Hang Gliding destination, Wallaby Ranch on the last day of January and Gord and Deb showed up three days later after stopping to ride in the Gainesville area and the race was on. Maureen, Debbie, Gord and our friends Eric and Mary went on some great rides on a few different trails like the one near Wintergarden called the West Orange Trail which if we go both ways takes us 42 miles and takes us along a golf coarse and through the town of Wintergarden and then finally into Orlando. On another day we rode to the Van Fleet trail which is 29 miles one way so that is a 74 mile trip when we leave from the Ranch and seven miles to the trail.

After a week of biking with us Gord and Deb decided to head to the west coast of Florida to ride on the world famous Pinellas trail and the Sun Coast trail so we are planning to meet up with Gord and Deb for a Manatee excursion in a few days. There are lots of great bike shops in Florida and yesterday I visited the Bike Barn in Lakeland to purchase a new shifter cable and Wednesday morning I replaced the cable and I am ready to go again except for my sore cheeks which will likely never heal.

 We are looking forward to some great stories from the biking fanatics - Gord And Debbie so keep checking back here.

A Short Video


2008 Photos

We Arrive at Wallaby Ranch 2 pm Thursday January 31, 2008

Gord and Deb Toneguzzo on the Road


The Accommodations at Wallaby Ranch

Debbie, Maureen and Gord "The Good Times"


Gord and Deb's Loft

Gord and Deb at Wallaby Ranch


Tess Watching Squirrels

The Computer Gang at Wallaby Ranch


Gord, Deb, Maureen and Bob

Bob, Gord, Maureen and Deb - "Locked Up"




Maureen, Gord and Deb After a Wet Ride

Tess Climbing A Tree


Wet and on the Road

It Poured


Micki and Allen Ahl - Wallaby Ranch, Florida


Gord and Deb

Micki and Mary - Stone Painting


Mackie's Famous Painted Stones Contact - Micki Click Here


Flash Loves the Florida Oranges

Gord and Deb Clowning Around with Pine Cones


Deb, Maureen, Flash, Bob, Gord and Friends


Bob, Gord and Deb on a Rainy Day with Flash in a Basket

Wild Turkey


Deb and Gord


Bob, Deb and Gord

Turkey Near the Trail


Maureen and Deb Peddling


Maureen, Bob, Gord and Deb Stop for Lunch

Deb, Maureen and Gord Catch a Big One


Love Those Rain Coats


Bob with the Sailfish

Deb, Gord, Maureen, Mary and Eric


Deb and Gord


The End of the Trail

Floral City


Deb and Gord Loving Florida


Deb, Maureen, Bob and Gord Watching Manatees


The Pool and Playground at Wallaby Ranch - Dinner Bell in Background


Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico


Gord and Debbie's Scenery





Mary, Eric, Maureen, Bob, Gord and Debbie at Wintergarden Florida


Gord and Deb

Bob and Flash


Gord and Deb


Bob, Eric, Mary, Deb and Gord Leads the Pack

Fun Times


Gord and Deb

Gord and Deb






Flash and Gord at the End of the West Orange Trail








Wintergarden - Train

Wintergarden Centre


We Made It !!!


Near the Trail




Red Birch


Sunset at Wallaby Ranch


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After We Get Home Maureen Buys a New Bike

Specialized Ruby Comp


Maureen's First Ride on Her New Bike


On The Road March 29th 2008 - 38 Degrees Fht.


Suzanne  and

  Maureen After a 33 Mile Ride


Maureen Really Likes Her New Bike



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