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 Saturday July 7, 2018 and this is my first day of Hang Gliding since Oded and I flew at Lookout Mountain in May. A few of the local pilots flew a few weeks ago but only got 30 minute flights so I have not missed to much action.

Patrick O'Donnell and I arrived around eleven am and there were a few pilots setting up. Turns out that by one pm there were eighteen pilots setting up and wanting to fly. The sky was full of cummies and I was eager to go. I was off third and right into a good thermal and up to four grand right away. Four sailplanes came in under me and we circled for a while. Later in my flight I had Oded thermalling with me. It was a great day and I had two flights and logged 1 hour and 35 minutes and 16 minutes and got up to 5,836 feet ato. 

Sunday July 15, 2018 and this time I drove alone and arrived around eleven am. Oded and George arrived around one pm. and hurried their gliders together. I got off early and the others were soon in the air with me. Kenny came in close for a photo shoot. Today was very similar to last weeks episode with great cummies and light winds so we all had another great day. I logged 2 hours and 36 minutes and I got up to 5,603 feet agl. Oded and George logged 4 hours each and skied out again. George landing 14 miles out near Elora, Ontario.

Sunday July 29, 2018 and I drive up alone again and Find Mike setting up when I get to SOGA Field. I set up and get ready for another great day but the wind is stronger today. Mark Dowsett gets off first and heads out XC. Nick lands the tug and Oh No, a flat tire, so we work on getting the tire fixed and by the time we were ready to go it was 2:30.  I was off next and found that I felt like I was flying fast or had a strong headwind. Mike flew close for a few shots. After 1 hour and 12 minutes I'd had enough and landed. I had only got up to 3,205 feet agl today. Not as good as the past two days but it was good to get in the air again.

Photos Below

Kenny Kinzie

The Start of a Great Day


Mike L'Enfant Coming Up with His Moyes Gecko


Oded Kalir, Randy ? and Les Tapol


Bob Films Mike

Les Tapol




Sailplane Below

Pete Wall


Set Up Area


Take Off Eh!!





Hawk - Upper Right

Jagdish Minhas





Kenny Looks Over His New Sail


Kenny Kinzie


Rod Regier and Wife

Jagdish Ala Cart


Kenny Thermalling With Me


George Adams





Kenny Above Me






Oded Coming Up

Oded and Les


Mike Wingin It.


Pretty Sky

Kenny's New Sail


Oded Releases





Landing Approach


Kenny Is Happy With His Flight



Another Approach






Ryan Wood - Atos VX


Skydog Bob