Photo page 7 - 2004


Marty Towing Take-off


Joe Schmucker - U-2

Marty - Fly-By


Oded Kalir Contemplating Flight with DoodleBug


Oded Kalir

Oded Flairs


Joel Spano Wingin a Tandem Pilot

Marty Towing Joel Spano on His K-4


Oded Taking Off


Bob Grant Landing Approach


Oded Buzzing Around


Michelle - Tandem Student from Toronto, Canada

Marty Towes Joel Spano and Michelle


Joel and Michelle - Landing Approach


Joel and Michelle - Take Off

Another Tandem Flight


Ricky (Diane's Son)

Tandem Tow


Oded Does it Again

Oded Looks Comfortable


Joel Spano K-4  Landing Approach

Joe Schmucker's Daughter Liz


Doug Allen Looking After Things


Oded High Above

Matt Schmucker and Ricky Chasing Carts


Bob Grant Landing Approach


Joel Tandem Again


Marty - Ready to Tow Again




 Maureen Grant - Canadaiguia Lady Paddle Boat


Marty Shows His Pitching Arm with Zaggi


Joe Schmucker Wheally



Joel Spano Skipping Work

Maureen Grant - Chittenango Falls


Maureen Grant - Chittenango Falls

Doug Allen


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