Photo page 5 - 2003 - Photos By Joe Giunta

Finger Lakes Aerosports Fall Foliage Festival 2003

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Rob Kells and Friend at the FFFF&F

Frat House Cats Band


Dinner at the 1st Annual FFFF&F



AIRPIGS Shower Shack at the FFFF&F

Rick Brown OD-ing at the FFFF&F


Doug Allen & Rich Anis

Mike Barber


Rhett Radford



Kerry Lloyd and Sara Murla Going Tandem

Paul Moncure Checking the Scene


Mark Frutiger and Tandem Student Skying out During a Photo Shoot

Mark Frutiger, Top Gun Tug and Tandem Pilot


Doug Allen & Rich Annis


Joel Spano Prepares for Tandem Instructor Training

Sun Burst the Day after the Hurricane During the FFFF&F


Rich Annis Prepares for Tow


Steve Prepost and Doug Allen Spot Landing the Tandem Glider in the Wheeled Catagory

AIRPIG (Doug Allen) Prepares for Tow


Marty and Jeremy Prepare for Spot Landing Contest

Super Trike Pilot Pat Bulger



Rich Annis - NY & Steve Prepost - NH


Pat Bulger Trike Tow Pilot

Tandem arial


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