National Fly-in 2004 - Faces

The 2004 National Fly-In Held at Finger Lakes Aerosport Park was a Huge Success with Six Days Straight of Sunny Skies Filled with Thermals. This Page Contains a Few of the Photos Taken at the Fly-In. If you would like a copy of all the Photos That Bob & Maureen Grant Took at the Fly-In Check it out - Click Here "Video" Now Available

Doug & Joan Allen - Owners of the Flight Park and Long Acre Farms

Marty Beckenbach & Diane Ornt - Finger Lakes Aerosports Operators


Bob Grant & Flash Towing Paul Voight to Launch

"Flash" Riding the Eagle


Will Silva

Steve Bellerby - Toronto, Canada

Tim Locke, CT


Paul Voight - Fly-Hi - Ellenville, NY

Rodger  Wallaby Ranch - Florida

J.J. LaMarche - Ellenville area NY


Pete Grieves Tunnel & Moritz Wagner

Trish - Wills Wing Family

Rick Healy


Dave Dodge

Mike Barber - Wallaby Ranch

Bill Watters, NJ


Greg DeWolf - Video Man

Dan Walters - Elmira New York


Micki Ahl - Artist

Allen Ahl - Hudson Valley , New York


Jackie Nejame and Donna Williams

Pete & Jan Johnson


Rick Healy

Tim Rhinesmith


Jamie - Elmira New York

Marty Beckenbach - Macedon, New York


Scott Row - Rochester, New York

Mike Onorato


Kenny Brown - Moyes America - California

Dolly Rhinesmith


Barb & Paul Voight - Fly-Hi Hang Gliding - Ellenville, NY

Rochester Television Covering the Event


Jack Slocum - Elmira, New York

Maureen & Bob Grant - Photographer and Webmaster



Chaudi & Roger - Wallaby Ranch - Florida


Rick Brown - Rochester, New York

Chaudi - Getting a Close Look

Greg DeWolf Filming Landings


Bridget and Rick Tenan, CT

Marilyn & Rhett Radford - Mass


Emily Salamone - Rochester

Joel Spano Tandem Pilot Rochester, New York


Will Silva

Greg DeWolf Catching the Landings



Larry Graves, CT

Dave Cameron


Rob Kells & Trish

Mike Barber and Leslie - Wallaby Ranch, Fl.


Mary Spier - Albany, New York

Jan Johnson, Gayle Shutte, Bob Shutte & Marty Pedia

Ultralights of Buffalo



Rick Brown, Audrey Allen, Mark Frutiger & Davis Straub - "The Injured Parties"


Steve Klos



Ken Brown

Dave Cameron, ?, Peter Kelley


Rick Brown & Daughter Amanda - Rochester, NY

Kevin Carter - Quest Air Florida


Allen & Micki Ahl, Jan Johnson, Bill Watters

Pete Vranesich

SNYHGPA Hawk Talk Editor


Pete Grieves Tunnel - Rochester, NY

Marilyn - Morningside Flight Park

Deane Williams - Millennium Man


Dan Spiers - Albany, New York

Greg DeWolf - Film Maker


Michael Spano - Rochester, New York

Emily Salamone & Sara Allen - Rochester


A Family of Spectators


Trish's Daughter - California

Annie Horgan - Dunlap, Tennessee

Jim Kolinich - Elmira, New York


Rhett Radford and Steve Prepost

Moritz Wagner - Rochester, New York


J.J. LaMarche Ellenville, New York

Sara Allen & Emily Salamone Cooking

Pete Johnson


Diane Ornt & David Duke

Adam Salamone

IT'S THE INFAMOUS "MARTY PARTY" at Marty and Diane's Home

Mike, Leslie, Jane, Dennis & Jim, Diane's Dad

Davis, Rob, Trish, Les, Trish's Daughter, & Greg DeWolf


Belinda Straub

Jane DePanphiles


More Food

Marty, Trish and Rob Kells


Marty Making Everything Wonderful

David Glover Gets the Card Game Going


Marty, Rob, Cameron & Kenny

Ricky, Heather & Marty - Cooking the Ribs


Paul Moncure - Wallaby, Morningside

Davis & Belinda - Dancing


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