Tandem Aerotowing Photo Page       

Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Michigan


Lisa Ready to Tow You Up

Tracy With a Student Almost Ready


Tandem Glider and Towplane

Hooked up and Ready to Roll


Rolling on the Ground with Tension on Rope

Glider Lift-off & Tug Still on Ground


Glider Flying Level with

Tug Just Lifting Off

Initial Tow Position with

Tug Wheels on the Horizon


Normal Tow Position, Tug Wheels

Slightly Above the Horizon

(about 1/4 to 1/3 wingspan above the horizon

Entering Right Turn


Continue Right Turn

Straight Flight on Tow


Left Turn on Tow

Highest Tow Position, Tug Wing on the Horizon


Lowest Towing Position, Tug High Over the Horizon - about a wingspan over the horizon

Straight Flight, Glider "Crossing the Plane" to Left Towing Limit


Straight Flight, Glider "Crossing the Plane" to Right Towing Limit

Moment of Glider Releasing the Rope at end of Tow at 2500 feet agl


After Rope Release Glider Turns Right and Tug Turns Left


Landing After a Sweet Lesson

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