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Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.


Jack Hallett Flies all Aircraft and Now Hang Gliding

Frank and Beth on Frank's Birthday Flight


And a Great Landing

Frank Ready for a Tandem Flight


Sarah Novak - Tandem Student

Sarah & Tracy Skybound


Sarah & Tracy Overhead

Sarah & Tracy Landing


Tracy and Sarah

Emily Freed - Tandem Student


Sarah & Tracy Before Take-off

Ralph Freed - Tandem Student


Ralph & Tracy Get Airborne

Emily Getting Ready- Bob Grant & Flash Stand by


Efam Takes a Tandem Flight

Efam (Carol) Ting


Damon Tandem Student

Tracy Tillman (Top) and Ray Nikpauv Training


Tandem Take-Off



Arlene a Happy Tandem Pilot


Arlene & Tracy Landing


Tracy & Arlene Ready for Take-Off

Bernie Spring - Brian & Tracy


Irfan Ready to Launch

Irfan & Shireen Take Tandems with Tracy Tillman



Ray Taking Lessons


Tracy Tillman(bottom) & Rennee Colletti (top)

Renee Colletti Before Launch


Tracy Tillman (bottom) Lands with Renee Colletti (top)


Ron on top Ready for Take-off

Ron Rohde - Ohio


Ron Rohde on a Tandem Flight with Tracy

Tracy and Students Landing Sequence


Sharon (Student)

Dan Pheils


Student Taking a Tandem Flight with Tracy Tillman



Greg Traud


Tracy and Students Landing Sequence


Tandem Overhead



Tracy and Students Landing Sequence


Tracy & Students





Sharon, Antonio & Rick (Students)

Tracy & Manika (Student)


Tracy Tillman Tandem With Sharon (Student)

Greg & Victoria Traud & Tracy Tillman - Bottom


Sunset at Cloud 9 Field


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