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Join us for the Most Incredible Experience of your life!

Unpowered hang gliding flights, 1/2 mile to 1 mile high. (Dress warm!)


Tandem Discovery and Instructional Flights

(Must be 18 or older, weigh less than 235 lbs.)

Gift certificates available. Flights last 15 minutes to 1/2 hour long. 

At Cloud 9 Field, Between Detroit and Lansing Michigan

Contact: or 517.223.8683


Your instructors:

Tracy Tillman: USHGA-certified Hang 4 Advanced-rated Pilot, Tandem/Advanced Instructor, Aerotow Pilot, Tow Administrator, Examiner, member of USHGA Board of Directors (representing the Midwest/Great Lakes Region); USUA-certified BFI; FAA-Licensed Commercial Airplane and Sailplane Pilot, Aviation Safety Counselor. 25+ years experience.

Lisa Colletti: USHGA-certified Hang 4 Advanced-rated Pilot, Instructor, Observer, Aerotow Pilot; USUA-certified BFI; FAA-Licensed Commercial Airplane and Sailplane Pilot. 10+ years experience.


Tracy and a Student in the Tandem Glider

Lisa in the Dragonfly Ultralight Trainer Tow Plane



Tandem Instruction Photos

Tandem  Photos




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