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Sailplanes - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.

Cloud 9 Sailplane Adventures

Mom, Lisa, Tracy and Renee


Lisa and Tracy Pushing the Maule Out

Now the Blanik


Getting Ready for Flight

Lisa's Mom Ready to Fly


Tracy with Lisa's Mom


All Lined Up


The Maule Towing the Blanik

Lisa Brings the Maule in


Velvet Interior

Renee Excited to Fly with Tracy


Tracy Takes Renee for a Ride

Renee Colletti and Mom


Landing Approach


Tracy and Lisa's Maule Tow plane Landing


Tracy and Lisa's Blanik Instructional Sailplane


Lisa and Tracy Take-Off

Approach at the East End of Sailplane Port


The Hanger in Background

Towing the Blanik


Lisa Towing Tracy and Bob



Tracy Checking the Airspace


The Hanger and Airstrip

Landing Approach


Lisa and Tracy September 2007


2006 with the Aeros AL-12

Tracy Gives Lisa Some Tips

Lisa Readies for Her First Flight on the AL-12 Glider


Lisa - Lift Off

Lisa Anticipating Her First Take-off in AL-12


Lisa Does a Smooth Take-Off


Lisa on Approach


Lisa is Very Happy with Her First Flight


Tracy and Lisa


Tracy Flying Over the Evening Moon

The Approach


Tracy Comes in for His First Landing with the AL-12


Tracy Did Not Even Use Half of the Runway

Set up Perfectly


Tracy Tillman with Their new Sailplane - So Happy After First Flight


Mark Bolt Flies the AL-12



Tracy gets Towed up by Lisa




Tracy Close up


Lisa gets a Three Hour Flight with Their New AL-12 Sailplane


Lisa is Near Cloud Base

Rear Arial View of the AL-12


Lisa Colletti and Tracy Tillman After Another Day of Towing


The Maule and Dragonfly and Tracy Landing

Lisa Flies the Maule


A Shot From the Plane of the Sailplane Strip

Flash Loves to Swim at Cloud 9


Wild Flowers at South end of Cloud 9


Reflections From the South End of Cloud 9 Field


Sunset at Cloud 9 Field


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