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Draachen Flug Tag   2006

The 2006 Draachen Flug Tag event took place on the weekend of August 20, 2006 and it was a blast with old gliders, wild costumes and a buffet dinner that was superb.

Photos Below

Guido and Joe visiting



Mark Dugan and Guido all dressed up

Linda and Larry Wright, Mark Dugan and Nicolas








Here is an Oldie





Chris Christophersen with the old standard Circa 1973


Guido and Chris Bratsis

The Pete Brock Standard 1973


Mark Dugan








Mark Dugan and Guido


Guido, Mark Dugan and Tracy Tillman - Was that 60s or 70s Dress


Tracy and

Chris Christophersen


Tracy Tillman on the Cloud 9 Hill


Tracy is Off

Tracy Getting Ready to Scooter Tow


Hey, this Standard Really Flies


Getting Higher





The Buffet

The Group at Dinner


Good Puppies


Guido with the Sun Glider



Tracy Controls the Scooter


Tracy Tows the Scooter with Four Wheeler





Two Oldies












Sunday Take -Off Area


A Giant Insect



Guido Hands Eugene His Helmet

Eugene is Off


Tracy Taking Calls

Lisa Disassembles the ASG-21


Eugene Comes in For A Great Landing


Laura and Tony Roth



Tracy Takes Up Tandem Students in the Evening












Bob Reed and Mark Dugan Back Again on Monday

Eugene on Approach





What: Draachen Flug Tag (Flying Day):

 Flying, Evening Barbeque Picnic Party, Awards

When: Saturday August 19, 2006

Where: Cloud 9 Field, 11088 W. Coon Lake Road, Webberville, MI

Cost: Picnic and Party is $10 donation, or no charge for pilots who fly or who bring a 70's era glider!


Come to our Draachen Flug Tag * to help us celebrate the DFSC's 10th season of flying in Michigan!  In addition to aerotowing, we will also be introducing our new ground-skim scooter tow system for training.


With a 70's theme, we will also be celebrating over 30 years of hang gliding in the US.  Bring your old 70's gliders, and wear your old 70's clothes.


Far out!





We will have awards for:

Best 70's glider

Worst 70's glider

Most outrageous 70's clothes/costume

Best bikini (why not?)


We will also have flying-related awards, for:

Most spot landings

Longest time aloft

Highest altitude

Most spectacular whack (without glider damage/injury)

Longest flight from the training hill

Oldest glider to ground-skim scooter tow


Big Joe, our neighbor, will cater this event (per our last chute clinic).  Saturday evening picnic/party will be held rain or shine. To help us plan for Joe’s barbeque, please RSVP at 517.223.8683 or cloud9sa@aol.com.


* If Red Bull can do it, so can we.  See http://www.redbullflugtagusa.com



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