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Memorial Day Weekend - 2004 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.

Although there were only three solo flight on Friday we had a great time spreading our wings and reached over 4,000 feet and later in the evening Tracy took Lisa's sister for a great tandem ride on a beautiful evening. On Saturday there were many pilots present but the lift was scarce and Dan Guido had the only great flight with 45 minutes to his credit.

Renee Colletti Before Launch

Tracy Tillman(bottom) & Rennee Colletti (top)


Tracy Tillman (bottom) Lands with Renee Colletti (top)


Mark Dugan

Lisa Colletti Ready to Fly


Lisa on Tow

U-2 Flies Great


Lisa Colletti Tests Flies a New WW U-2

Tracy Tillman


Mark Bolt

Tracy and Renee Flying over the Moon


Bob Reed Setting up

Bob Reed Launches


Dan Guido Takes Off

Dan Guido Relaxing


Dan Guido Setting up a landing

Bob Reed's Pooch


Lisa Colletti Enjoys Cutting the Grass


Chris Bratsis

Chis Bratsis Wild Take Off - Great Correction


Bailey Tracy and Lisa's Pooch

Chris Bratsis Landing Approach


Olivia Biehn Checking out Dad's Glider

Lance Biehn, Flash and Olivia


Olivia Biehn

Olivia and Dad Lance



Randee Launches


Bernie and Flash 4-wheelin

Bernie Spring


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