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June 4 and 5 - 2004 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.


Spring 2004 did not have many good flying days on weekends so Memorial day weekend and the first week in June gave us pilots at Cloud 9 field an opportunity to spread our wings in fine fashion. Both Friday and Saturday turned out to be spectacular with gains on Friday up to 6,000 feet by Mark Dugan and on Saturday many of us reached 6,800 feet. There were no reports of cross country flights but I am sure that these will come shortly.

Tracy Ready to Tow Lisa on Her New Litespeed "S" in Background


Lisa Ready with Flash The Amazing Wiener Dog

Lisa Takes off Without Flash


Rick Agudello Relaxing

Lisa Goes Again


Chris Bratsis and Roger's New WW U-2

Pat Winther Setting up


The Pups Bailey, Flash and Bailey

Lisa Wings in For a Great Landing


Now Lisa is Ready to Tow Tracy on His Talon

Tracy Takes Off


Tracy Airborne

Tracy Towed by Lisa


Roger Raybold Helps a Tandem Off

Chris Bratsis and His Fusion


Antoine Anxious to Fly

Jim Dedes and Mark Dugan


Excited Tandem Student

Tandem Line-up


Antoine and his Boys

Jim Dede and Litespeed

The Arial Shots Below Were Taken With a Twenty Dollar Digital Camera Bought at Wallmart so the Quality is Low Resolution.

Close to Cloudbase

Glider Below


Dave Alford

Dave Alford Flying at 6,00 feet


The Boys

Unknown Pilot


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