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Fall Flying - 2008 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.

October 11, 2008

Morning Set-up


Charlie Waiting for the Ball

Chris Bratsis Flinging the Ball


Mark Dugan and Lisa



Tracy Landing His Litespeed RS

Watch Tracy's Landing Movie on Youtube Click Here


Shawn Carol

Chris Bratsis


Pat Winther and Pam

Tracy Overhead


Tracy on Approach

Floyd Cadwell Sets up


Ty Chi from Japan

Mark Dugan


Tracy on Tow



Pat Winther and Pam Helps

Ty Chi Watches Mark Dugan Prepare for Flight


Mark Dugan Flying with the Vultures


Bob Grant Ready for Launch

Pat Getting Ready


Bob's T-2



Mark Dugan Ready to Launch



Bob Lands all to Quickly


Floyd tows Pat

Mark Dugan Above the Clouds


Mark Dugan - Always High

Check out Mark's Landing Movie on Youtube Click Here


Lisa and Tracy

Charlie Protects the Ball


Lisa and Flash

Bob Grant on Tow


Bob lifts Off


Craig Carlson

Craig on Approach



Craig Flairs

Happy Pilot


Flash in the Luscious Grass

Lisa Tows


Floyd Cadwell Landing


Chris Christophersen

Chris Landing


Chris Bratsis Wingin in for a Landing



Check out Chris's Landing Movie on Youtube Click Here


Tracy and Tandem Student


Tandem Student

Tandem Student Enjoyed Flight


Heaven on Earth


Bernard Goes Tandem


Tandem Towing



Use Your Imagination - The Sky in Michigan on my way Home to Canada

September 20, 2008

We're Ready to Fly


Lisa Ready to Fly the New Litespeed S



Lisa on Tow

Jonas Blanton


Lisa with a Student


Jonas and Flash






Jonas Friend Stan Landing with Tracy






Jonas with Flash


Dan Guido Loading Up



What a Sky


Mark Dugan




Mark Dugan Landing







Mark Dugan

Mark Dugan



Floyd Cadwell Over The Spot


Floyd Flairs



The Shadow



Chris Bratsis

Steve and Chris


Floyd's Beautiful Atos


Pat Winther

Pat Winther


Pat Winther Lands



Scot Maue


Scot Maue Flairs

Scot Maue


Dave Alford



Scot Maue

Lisa Colletti


Chris Bratsis lands Behind Steve Djokic


Chris Bratsis

Steve Djokic


Floyd Cadwell



Pat Winther


Dave Alford

Dave Alford Landing


Steve Djokic

Steve Djokic's Warhawk



Chris and Pat Bratsis


Towing and Flying


Dave Alford

Mark and Diane Dugan


Lisa and Student

Lisa and Student


Lisa and Student

Lisa and Student


Lisa and Student Landing

Lisa and Student





Lisa and Student Landing





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