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Fall Flying - 2004 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.


Scott Forthofer Being Towed by Tracy Tillman


Steve Djokic

Dave Alford


Chris Bratsis

Chris Bratsis Landing After a Two Hour Flight


Laurie & Bernie Spring

Tracy Tillman


Do You Like These Clouds at Cloud 9

Mark Dugan with His New Litespeed


Scot Maue Below on His Extacy

Scott Forthofer Setting Up


Tracy Tillman

Dave Alford Tries Tracy's Harness


The Cloud 9 Hanger, Club House and Tracy & Lisa's Home

Scott Forthofer Doing Great on His Falcon


Lisa Colletti Thermaling at 3,000 Feet

Lisa Relaxing After a Great Flight


Scot Maue Thermalling for a Four Hour Flight

Scott under tow on His Falcon


Lisa in a Pretty Sky on Her New Litespeed

Pat Winter Over the Towplane


Lisa's Litespeed

Grass Sculpture and Target


Flash Wanting to Swim for a Stick

Scott Thermal King


Lisa gets Another Long Flight

Scott Setting up With Flash Standing Guard


Scott Over the flat Lands of Michigan



Dave Alford After Another Three Hour Flight

Steve Djokic After His First One Hour Flight


Who is That?


Jack Hallett Flies all Aircraft and Now Hang Gliding

Jack Making His First Solo Landing


He's Got It

Jack Looks Happy


Frank and Beth on Frank's Birthday Flight

Unknown Skyout


Frank Ready for a Tandem Flight

And a Great Landing


A Warm September Day at Cloud 9


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