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Summer Fun - 2004 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.

August 2004

Brian Ciupak - Solo Take-off

Brian Goes Thermaling


Pat Winter gets Another Two Hour Flight

Dave Alford Launching


A Beautiful Sky

Steve Ready To Thermal


Bob Grant Takes Off

Lance Biehl Tows Gliders to Launch


Lisa Ready to Tow

Pat gets Airborne


Lance and Son

Lisa Tows Into a Great Sky


Lisa's New Lightspeed "S"

Celesta Alford After Her Dragonfly Flight


Antoine's Children

Mark Dugan Saying Goodbye


Tandem Pilot

Tandem Take-off


Tracy and Student Landing

Tracy and Student Enjoyed Their Flight


Jonas Blanton - Grand Rapids

Jonas Blanton 82 and Still Loves Flying


Tracy Tillman (Top) and Ray Nikpauv Training

Damon Tandem Student


August 24, 2004

Mark Dugan Runs it Out

Sarah Novak - Tandem Student


Sarah & Tracy Skybound

Sarah & Tracy Overhead


Sarah & Tracy Landing

Tracy and Sarah


Emily Freed - Tandem Student

Sarah & Tracy Before Take-off


Ralph Freed - Tandem Student

Ralph & Tracy Get Airborne


Emily Getting Ready- Bob Grant & Flash Stand by

Emily & Tracy Take-off


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