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Summer Flying - 2008 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.

June 11-14, 2008

Wednesday the 11 th was fantastic with lots of cumulous clouds and being a weekday only four pilots took to the air and the air was great with cloud base at 4,100 feet at one o'clock and at 5,500 at four o'clock.

Glider in Set-up Area Ready to Fly


Chris Bratsis

Mark Dugan Zips Up


Jim Dedes and Lisa Colletti

Floyd Cadwell and Tracy Tillman


Mark Dugan Taking Off For The Best Flight on Saturday


Charlie and Chris Assemble Chris's glider

Lisa Colletti and Bob Grant


Bernie Spring and Jim Dedes

Charlie and Bailey


Glider in Line for Take-off


Bernie Spring


Charlie and Bailey

Bernie Landing


Floyd's Atos Being Towed to Take-off

Chris Bratsis


Chris Takes Off



Tracy Assisting Take-offs

Lisa Tows Us Up



Mark Dugan


Mark Dugan

Floyd Cadwell


Chris Bratsis

Chris Landing


Lisa Coming in for Another Pilot



Floyd Taking Off








Mark Pushes Out Hard







Floyd Lining Up

Floyd Flairs


Lisa "The Happy Tow Pilot"


Lisa Lands the New Aeros Alatus - M, Motor Glider

Tom Ide From Buffalo New York


Tom Ide

Tom Being Towed Up


Tom Circuits


Tom Ide Being Towed Up


Jim Dedes Cutting Grass

Tom Lands


Tom Lands

Flash Waiting for a Rock to Swim After in the Pond


Dragonfly at the Pond in Front of Cloud 9 Field


May 9-10, Weekend 2008

Friday and Saturday with both days giving great soaring with big thermals to over 5,000 feet and Mark Dugan gets highest at 7,500 feet. Mark Bolt does a big circuit of about thirty miles.

Lisa Getting Ready to Fly

Tracy on Approach


Tracy Flairs

Tracy Helping Floyd on Take-Off


Jim Dedes with His New R/S


Mark Bolt T-2

Floyd Getting Airborne with His New Sail


Tracy Suiting Up

Marlene Helps launch Us


Lisa Pulls Tracy Back to Take-Off


Lisa Tug Pilot

Tracy on Tow - New Moyes R/S


Tracy and Lisa

Tracy Flairs


Floyd Making Some Adjustments


Floyd Being Towed Up



Lisa with Flash

Chris Bratsis Flying Over the House


Tracy Being Towed Up


Chris Bratsis on Approach

Good Flair Chris Right On Target



Mark Dugan Flairs


Mark Dugan on Approach


Mark Dugan

Chris Christophersen


Chris Christophersen


Chris Christophersen

Chris Christophersen U-2

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

Friday and Saturday with both days giving great soaring with big thermals to over 5,000 feet and Sunday was a light lift day. Floyd Cadwell adjusted his new Atos sail and now flies very fast and climbs like crazy. Larry and Linda came from Columbus Ohio and Larry had a great three hour flight on Saturday up to about five thousand feet ATO.

George Rich




Pat Winther



New Mirror Caps


Larry Wright

Tracy Towing Chris Bratsis to Launch


Larry and Linda Wright

Lisa Looks For The Scooter Tow Point


Dan Maslanik (Guido) and Pat Winther

Chris Bratsis


Chad and Melissa's Pooch

Floyd Cadwell on Approach





Floyd - A Good One After Two Hours


Bob Grant Ready for Scooter Towing



Tracy Starts a Scooter tow with Tai Sun



Lift Off


Wow Tai is Flying



Bernie Spring and Floyd Cadwell


Tai and Guido

Three Dogs Waiting For Treats



Chris Bratsis


Marlene Cadwell

Floyd and Pooch


Tracy and Lisa

Charlie and Flash Play


Mark Bolt

Charlie and Chris Bratsis

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