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Parachute Clinic - 2005 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.


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The 2005 Parachute Clinic was held on May 21 and over thirty pilots attended with Betty Pifer and Bill domonstrating many aspects of parachute deployment. It turned out to be a sunny day with lots of lift and many pilots enjoyed the abundant thermals. Dave Alford and Nicholas set personal best record by flying to Toledo for over 100 mile flights. Mark Bolt did a triangle coarse of seventy miles and many pilots got up to 8,000 feet above the field. Latest News Flash - Mark Bolt flies 90 miles on Wednesday May 25, 2005. Congrats to All of you XC Pilots.

Classroom Session with Betty Pifer


Betty Explains Lots of Parachute Info

Pilots Practice Throwing Their Chutes


Lance and Olivia Bhein

Papa Joe and the Family of Cooks Who Prepared a Fabulous Meal


It Was Spectacular


Jonas Blanton Enjoying the Food

Joe and Son Prepare the Food


Gliders Ready for Flight


Jim Dedes on Approach

A Great Landing


Jim Loves His New Lightspeed

Flash Trying Mark Bolt's New Swing


Scot Maue Has a Four Hour Flight



Keith and Riley

Mark Bolt and Flash


Tracy, Bill and Lisa

Bill Helps Betty with Her Helmet


Bill Gets a Laugh

Betty is Excited to Fly with Tracy


Lisa, Tracy and Betty


Betty and Tracy Ready for Flight

And They are Off


Tracy, Betty, Bill and Lisa After Their Tandems

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