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Hang Gliding - 2006

By - Bob Grant


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Wayne Berman of East Coast Video in Michigan Sends Us A Photo That He Took While Flying in Austria


Floyd Cadwell's New Atos - A New Season and a New Glider


My 2006 flying started off in February with flights at both Quest Air and at Wallaby Ranch in Florida. I did sixteen flights in Florida with the highest being 6,090 feet and the longest time being 3 hours. We met many of our old friends and made lots of new ones and I hope to see you all again real soon.

Now that winter is over here in south-western Ontario, Canada we have started flying at our aerotow sites and first off it was Cloud 9 on May 6, and 7, 2006. I had only one tow each day and got up to 4,500 feet on Saturday and 6,500 feet on Sunday and both days were blue sky days with no clouds to mark the thermals. Some of my friends flew for three hours each day and my longest flight was two hours and 18 minutes. One of our local pilots, Floyd Cadwell flew his new to him Atos V and Floyd is the first of our local flyers to have a Atos glider. It was a spectacular weekend and we all look forward to many more great ones.


Floyd Ready for Take-off

Craig Carlson Anxious to Fly His New WW U-2


Bob Flying Over Some Clouds

Tracy Passing by With the Dragonfly


Floyd Being Towed in a Blue Sky

Lisa Colletti - Tow Pilot Supreme


The Gang Getting Ready


Steve Djokic Towing

Casey Just


Bob Getting Wild

Cloud 9 Set-up Area Below


Linda and Larry Wright of Ohio

Tracy and Lisa's Home


A little Wingee


Steve Djokic Landing

Bernie Spring - Laminar


Bernie with  Casey Landing Overhead


Steve Djokic

Floyd Landing Approach


Sure is Pretty Up Here

Come Closer Tracy


Marlene Cadwell and Pup



Up and Over


Floyd Cadwell

Mark Dugan Approaches


Floyd Tows Up


Towing Up at 300 Feet

Tracy Getting Closer


Mark Dugan

Casey Just


Lots of Lakes Here in Michigan

Bob at 5,000 Feet - Clouds Below


Bernie Landing

Bernie Spring


Another Morning and More Great Flying Ahead






Pat Winther and New WW U-2


Larry Wright and His WW U-2

Scot Maue with Exxtasy Glider


Craig Carlson

Dave Emberson


Now, That's Getting Close

Thermalling at 4,000 Feet


Must be Time to Come Down


Bob Grant and Flash

Mark Dugan had a Great Flight


Tracy Waves



Linda and Larry Wright

Pat's new WW U-2


Larry after a Three Hour Flight


Scot Happy with the Great Air

Scot on Approach


Lisa and Tracy Swingin

Mark Bolt and Chris Bratsis


Flash Running Around the Set-up Area


Larry and Mark Land Together After a Wonderful Day o Flying


Mark Dugan Flairs

Mark Bolt Ready to Fly the New Sailplane


Dan Guido - Detroit Mi.

Bernie Spring - Detroit Mi.


Jim Dedes and Bernie Spring Both of Detroit


The Long Laneway Into Cloud 9 & Tracy Towing a Glider

The Flatlands of Michigan


Linda and Flash

Mark Dugan


Tracy Tillman with Their new Sailplane - So Happy After First Flight





Pat Winther Landing

Bernie Spring and Bob Grant


Lisa Colletti and Tracy Tillman Owners of Cloud 9 Field Near Lansing Michigan


Lisa Colletti and Chris Bratsis

Tracy Flying Over the Evening Moon


Tracy Comes in for His First Landing with the AL-12


The Approach

Set up Perfectly


Tracy Did Not Even Use Half of the Runway

Tracy and Lisa's Bailey


Floyd Doing His First Set-up



George Rich with Flash on the Swing


"Looks like too many pilots scared Lisa on tow that day......."

Linda Wright




Casey Flairs



Flash Greets Larry on Landing

Larry - A Great Flight


Larry's Approach


Casey Just

George and Nora Rich of Michigan


George is 79 and Loves to Hang Glide at Cloud 9

George Ready for Tow


George is Enjoying His Skyward Freedom


George Landing


Tracy Congratulates George on a Great Flight


Douglas and Angela Madaras - Tandem Students

Chris and Amy Wallich - Tandem Students


Angela Watching the Action

Floyd on Another Tow


Angela Anxious to Get Flying

Angela and Tracy Ready for Take-off


Angela is Airborne

Douglas Making a Great Landing


Looks Like Really Angela Liked Her Flight with Tracy at Cloud 9 Field


There is no Doubt that Angela was Thrilled

Really Thrilled


Angela and Douglas

Amy Wallich Taking to the Air with Tracy While Lisa Tows


Amy Waiting for a Ride to the Sky


Amy is on Her Way

What a Great Landing



Amy and Tracy


Amy With a Big Smile on Her Way Up


May 27 - 28, 2006

Another great weekend with lift to 5,000 feet on Saturday.

Lisa Colletti Flies Her Litespeed

Pam Moore and Pat Winther


Steve Fernandes and Instructor Tracy Tillman


Pam Moore and Tracy Tillman


Lining up for Landing



Robert Schaum and Tracy


Ready to Land

Robert a Very Happy Pilot


Joy Pineta and Tracy



Joy and Tracy


Saro Avakian and Tracy



Mohit Jain


Mohit Jain and Tracy


Lisa Colletti Does a Smooth Take-Off with Their New Sailplane


Lisa on Tow

Tracy and Lisa


Chris Wiese and Tracy


Tim Wiese and Tracy


Rochelle Rouppas and Tracy

Gliders Set Up at the South end of Cloud 9 Field


Rochelle Has a Big Smile


Lisa Searching for Lift

Floyd Cadwell with His Atos


Tracy and Renee


Lisa gets a Three Hour Flight with Their New Glider


Floyd Searching for Lift and he Gets It To Near Cloud Base


Robert Schaum Soon to Solo


Hubert and Tracy


Davis Straub and Belinda Boulter Visit Cloud 9

Dad - Andrew Alexander Brings His Family to Cloud 9 While He Takes a Tandem Introductory Flight. Wife, Amy and Children, Whitney, Kathleen, Cara, Jack, Ryan, and Freddy the Dalmation


Andrew Alexander Flying with Tracy


Note - If you are looking for More Tandem Photos from Cloud 9 Click on this Line


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