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Summer Flying - 2007 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.

August 25th, Weekend 2007

Tracy's Talon

Yen Ciupak Taking Photos of Brian Flying


Mark Dugan with Flash Wanting to go for a Ride

Mark Bolt & Chris Bratsis with Mark's New T-2


Tracy towing Brian Ciupak


Spectator with Flash

Tandem Student



Happy Student and Tracy Tillman


A Beautiful Sky


Tandem Family

Tandem Student and Tracy


Dan's final Tandem

Bob Grant




Dan takes first Solo




Dan is so Happy


Tandem Landing


Mark Bolt's New T-2

High Above Cloud 9


September 7th, Weekend 2007

George Rich Brings His Family Out For Tandem Rides

Marjie Sue Myers Takes a Ride with Tracy



Marjie Sue Myers


Marjie Sue Myers and Tracy



Henriek - Swartz Creek, Michigan



September 16th, 2007

The Sailplane Port


Lisa Landing the Maule

Tracy Following Lisa on Tow


Lisa Tows Tracy and Bob

Lisa and Tracy at the Sailplane Port


Gliders Ready to Go


Diane and Bob Reed

Ben and Dad Larry - Fort Wayne, Indiana


Bernie Spring

Mark Bolt


Theresa and Pup - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Paul Moncure


Chris Bratsis

Mark Dugan


The Sunday Group


Sarah Ebaugh with Flash



Tracy and John



Tracy Takes John for an Instructional Flight

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