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Spring Flying - 2007 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.

May 28, 2007 - Memorial Day

Floyd Cadwell

Chris Bratsis - New T-2


Brian and Yan Ciupak and Puppy

Casey Just


Set Up


Mark Bolt

Pat Winther



Tracy Tillman


Brian Ciupak Takes a Tow


Chad Towing on Falcon

Tracy Tillman On His Talon 150


Lisa Colletti

Brian and Yan Ciupak"s Puppy


Brian and Yan Ciupak and Puppy


Dan Walker

Dan's Honey


Family From Fort Wayne Indiana

Marlene Cadwell


Mark Bolt - New T-2 Comp


Chad and Honey and Pup

Mark Bolt - New T-2 Comp


Jonas Blanton

Lisa Coming Down to Tow Jonas


Jonas Blanton Gets Airborne - Senior Pilot


Chad Take a Falcon for a Flight

Yan Ciupak with Hubby's Glider


Robert Schaum Takes His Last Tandem with Tracy


Brian and Yan Ciupak

Brian and Yan Ciupak Reday for Yan's Tandem Flight




Floyd Cadwell - Atos



Yan and Tracy

Robert Schaum Solo


Tracy and Yan Ciupak


Bernie Spring - Detroit, Mi.

Tracy Gives a Written Test





May 12, 2007


Paul Moncure


Students - Jason Frenzel and Terra Brock

Terra and Tracy Take-off


Airborne on Terra's Birthday


Terra and Tracy After Flight

Tracy Gets Jason Ready


Tracy and Jason


Tracy and Jason Landing

Tracy and Lisa's "Bailey"




Chad with Scooter Tow Harness

Flash Goes for a Swim


Chad Ready for a Tow and Tracy Operates Scooter in Background



Chad is Off





Chris Bratsis Sets up His New T-2

Tracy Throws the Ball for Bailey


Lisa Colletti, Mark Dugan and Tracy Tillman Waiting for Less Wind

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