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Parachute Clinic - 2007 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.


The 2007 Parachute Clinic was held on April 7 and over twenty pilots attended with Betty Pfeiffer demonstrating many aspects of parachute deployment and repacking.

Betty Pfeiffer Tells Lots of Great Stories About Deployments


Floyd Cadwell has Betty Inspect His Installation

Chris Bratsis Hangs in a New Harness


Betty's Presentation to the Group



Chris Bratsis with Dave Alford Looking on


Tracy Tillman and Mark Dugan Swing Chris Bratsis for Deployment


Steve Djokic

The Packing Table


Chris Bratsis Inserting Safety Pins

Jonas Blanton


2007 Repack Video - Click Here


Betty Pfeiffer's High Energy Sports Click Here


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