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Spring Flying - 2006-3 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.


Reflections From the South End of Cloud 9 Field


Willie Lee, Craig Carlson, Scot Maui and

Chris Christophersen

Chris Christophersen


Mark Dugan Explaining His Flight to Scot Maui

Rochelle Rouppas


Tracy gets Towed up by Lisa




Tracy Close up


Tim Wiese

Chris Wiese


Chris Wiese and Tracy


Tim Wiese and Tracy


Tracy and Chris Wiese


Rochelle Has a Big Smile


Tim Wiese and Tracy

Rochelle Rouppas and Tracy


Phil on Launch

Phil Brown Being Towed into Thermals


Phil Flies Over a Cloud

Phil and Fiona Brown and Baby from Windsor Canada


Tracy Takes Lisa's Sister Renee for a Tandem Ride

Renee Loves to Fly


Tracy and Renee


The Flatlands of Michigan


Renee with Her Pups

Steve Djokic Cooks a Great Meal


Some of the Group Starting Supper

Gliders Set Up at the South end of Cloud 9 Field


Lisa gets a Three Hour Flight with Their New Glider


Lisa is Near Cloud Base

Arial View


Floyd Cadwell with His Atos

Dan Guido


Floyd Searching for Lift and he Gets It To Near Cloud Base


Robert Schaum Soon to Solo


Hubert and Tracy


Hubert is Soon Ready to Solo


Jim Dedes

Jim Dedes, Tracy Tillman, Steve Djokic and Bob Grant



June 24-25, 2006

Davis Straub and Belinda Boulter Visit Cloud 9

Set-up for Another Wonderful Day


Dad - Andrew Alexander Brings His Family to Cloud 9 While He Takes a Tandem Introductory Flight. Wife, Amy and Children, Whitney, Kathleen, Cara, Jack, Ryan, and Freddy the Dalmatian

Andrew is Ready For Lift-Off


Andrew Alexander Flying with Tracy


Lisa Colletti and Tracy Tillman After Another Day of Towing


July 7 and 8, 2006

The Maule and Dragonfly and Tracy Landing

Lisa Flies the Maule


Mike Schneider - Student

Tracy Flies as Lisa Mows the Grass


Tracy Helps Mike Schneider Fly the Tandem Glider


Tracy on Landing Approach - Talon

The Tow Plane Leaving me at 2,500 feet


Mark Bolt in the red Circle Searching for Lift

Mark Bolt and Friend Laura


A Shot from the Plane of the Sailplane Strip Next Door

Flash Loves to Swim at Cloud 9


Bob Reed Local Pilot

Olivia and Dad Lance Biehn


Wild Flowers at South end of Cloud 9


Tracy and Donna Figurski

Tracy and Donna


Tracy and Donna

Donna and Roger Rabold and New Baby Colin form Columbus, Ohio, stop by on their way to Northern Michigan and Roger gets a 45 Minute Flight to 3,500

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