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Spring Flying - 2006-2 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.


Lisa Colletti Flies Her Litespeed

Pam Moore and Pat Winther


Lisa and Tracy

Bernie Spring and Pat Winther





Nora Rich

George Rich


Rose Smedes and Steve Fernandes



Steve and Tracy


Pam Moore

Lisa Colletti


Pam Moore and Tracy Tillman


Lining up for Landing



Pat Winther and Pam Moore

Robert Schaum and Tracy


Robert and Tracy


Ready to Land

Robert a Very Happy Pilot


Mohit Jain, Joy Pineda and Saro Avakian

Saro Ready to Fly


Joy and Tracy



Joy and Tracy


Saro and Tracy



Saro Avakian


Mohit and Tracy



Mohit Jain


Marlene Cadwell

Bernie Spring and Floyd Cadwell


Dan Walker

Mark Bolt


Tracy Gives Lisa Some Tips

Lisa Readies for Her First Flight on the AL-12 Glider


Lisa Anticipating Her First Take-off in AL-12

Lisa - Lift Off


Lisa Does a Smooth Take-Off


Lisa on Approach



Lisa is Very Happy

Tracy and Lisa


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