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Spring Flying - 2005 - Cloud 9 Field, Webberville, Mi.

The 2005 season started of with great thermals on Friday May 6 pilots gaining to 6,700 feet above the Cloud 9 field and enjoying hours of soaring. Saturday was also very good with altitudes getting to 3,500 feet and many pilots staying aloft for three hours. Sunday was more challenging but Nicolas stayed up the longest with a one hour and thirty minute flight. The 2005 season is off to a great start and we look forward to seeing many pilots enjoying the Michigan thermals this summer.

Casey Just Launching


Lisa Tows Another Glider

Casey in a Blue Sky


Antoine and Son Take Steve Djokic to Launch Area

Mark Dugan Enjoyed Another Thermal Flight


Chris Bratsis

Lisa Colletti


Pat Winther is Excited to Take His First Flight 2005

Chris Bratsis Sets Up


Mark Dugan on Landing Approach


Lisa Colletti

Casey Just


Antoine and Son Justin



Dave Alford Gets Ready

Pat Winther Ready to Be Towed


Steve Djokic Landing


Pat Winther on Tow

Flash is Trying to Rest on Casey's Back for a Ride


Pat Winther Landing Approach




Chris Bratsis Launching


Mark Bolt Dandylion

Claudio Tandem Student


Dave Alford Landing


Antoine Launching

Chris Bratsis Happy After His First 2005 Flight


Lisa Coming In

Nicolas After a Great 90 Minute Flight


Pat Winther Landing Approach

Bernie Spring Launching


Launch Area


Steve Djokic

Bernie Spring and Dave Alford


Mark Bolt Landing


Lisa and Tracy After Another Great Day of Flying

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