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Tuesday August 28, 2018

Rondeau Bay and away we go. I arrive at eleven am and the parking lot is all but full. They tell me that it has been windy all morning. Les suggests that I set up my 6.3 Ezzy and it get right to it. Les, Don and Annabelle go for a run while I am setting up and by the time I am ready Les comes in and leads me across the bay through the weed patches. Hey this is fun and when I see Les Jibe near the far side I also try a jibe but oh no, I fall as I often do. I try a water start but my knees are not co-operating and I try and try again with no success. I finally give up and les has been waiting close by and says he will drive around and pick me up on shore so I swim with my equipment to shore and after fifty minutes I finally climb up onto shore with Les's help. We get back to the set-up area and Les sets up a 4.7 sail and goes out into the great wind. I pack up and head home. I just don't have the required strength any more. I will try to get in shape for next year. See Ya then.

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2018 Video Here


Robb and Heather







Hang On































Hi Flyer







Marek and Annabelle



Doug Wells


Jennifer Louie - Don Ferguson Student



Bob and Les











Heather on Right



Robb,  Don  and Stephane


Don, Heather and Kiter


Jennifer Lo  Don Ferguson on the Right Student



Don Ferguson on the Right


lLes Squires


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